Food has always provided great subject matter for song lyrics, but recently gourmandism has made its way into the Pabst-drinkin’ indie-rock scene. As Time Out New York reports, this development is thanks to “a critical mass of band-crazy chefs” (e.g., former wd-50 pastry chef Sam Mason), “food-crazy bands” (like Franz Ferdinand), “and an enthusiastic and educated audience.”

I’ve known plenty of hipsters who love their Big Macs (half-ironically, of course), and others who’ll go an entire day with only a single slice of pizza in their stomachs (which may or may not be an attempt to maintain willowy, indierexic frames). But perhaps these audiophiles are fighting against their natural culinary inclinations, which run to more interesting and delicious fare; as Time Out explains:

In their extremes, both music buffs and foodies engage in a similar embracing of the obscure—the tiny Thai restaurant in Elmhurst, the little-known artist or a rare recording on an arcane label—as a means of distinguishing themselves from those with run-of-the-mill tastes.

And daily life for independent musicians usually involves a lot of cross-country driving to play shows in far-flung locations, adds Kara Zuaro, author of the forthcoming cookbook I Like Food, Food Tastes Good: In the Kitchen with Your Favorite Bands. That much travel can definitely turn an already inquisitive person into a Chowhound pretty fast.

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