I don’t know if tamarind is part of Coca-Cola’s top-secret formula, but maria lorraine claims that mixing tamarind paste with lemon and lime juices, vanilla sugar, and sparkling water will give you a homemade version. However it stacks up against the red can, Maria’s version sounds like a winner.

Tamarind paste is a great addition to any recipe where you want a slightly sour or tangy element. It’s perfect in barbecue sauces, or anywhere you might use a bit of vinegar or lemon juice but want a little more nuance (a little goes a long way). It makes a great marinade for pork or chicken, too: Just add a dab to some water with spices of your choosing in a zip-top plastic bag, throw the meat in, and park it in the fridge.

Tamarind paste lasts pretty much indefinitely in the fridge. And should you ever tire of cooking with it, it’s excellent for cleaning and polishing brass, according to ambrose!

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