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If you’re wondering about the fastest way to chill a bottle of white wine, try this handy foolproof hack from a restaurant pro.

White wine is fabulous all year round, but it’s just a little more high maintenance than red. That certainly shouldn’t deter you from buying and drinking it, especially on Thanksgiving when a big bold chardonnay or dry riesling is a perfect match for turkey. If you’re lucky, that bottle you’ve been eyeing is pre-chilled in the liquor store fridge, but if it’s not and the party starts, like…now, or there is simply no room left in your own fridge, you are definitely going to need a wine-chilling hack. And we’ve got a good one.

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This ingenious little wine cooling hack works in just 20 minutes (you can stall for 20 minutes, right?) and is used by actual restaurant professionals. Perfect for white wine, of course, or reds that you’d prefer to lower the temp on, and quickly. The sneaky little tip was slipped to us by Rick Camac, dean of restaurant & hospitality management at the Institute of Culinary Education, and involves materials you most likely already have on hand.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Flat vessel like a hotel pan or large metal baking dish
  • Handful of salt 
  • Ice
  • Plastic wrap (to save the labels)

Here’s what to do

“If you don’t have room in your refrigerator to cool wine,” says Camac, and you need to bring it down to temperature quickly, use this restaurant trick. First fill a flat vessel, like a hotel pan, with a huge handful or two of salt. Place a layer of ice on top then place the plastic-wrapped bottle or bottles of wine over that and cover with water. The wine should be chilled in about 20 minutes. In restaurants they generally use a hotel pan for this,” Camac continued,” but if you don’t have one, any deep vessel or even the bathroom sink will work, as long as you can plug the drain.”

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And if these minimal steps still seem like too much for you to handle, there’s always these nifty HyperChillers you can buy online.

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