Got too much time on your hands? Think Martha Stewart’s a slacker? Already done molding your own chocolate Easter eggs?

Then it’s time to make your own Peeps, courtesy of an AP wire story by J.M. Hirsch. We’re sure many hometown newspapers are picking up this story for a bit of spring whimsy.

But if we’re going to go to all the trouble of making our own marshmallows, we’d sure rather have these chocolate-dipped strawberry ones, which look like they’d make the sugar rush worthwhile. In fact, McAuliflower at Brownie Points could easily be described as a marshmallow obsessive, with step-by-step recipes, photos, and commentary for all kinds of kooky marshers, from black-sesame swirl and green tea with azuki bean to peppermint, lemon-ginger, beet, and even a zebra-striped, white chocolate swirl s’more.

Then again, if a cute little chick is all you’re after, Wham-O (which clearly knows how to make a buck off goofy fads, as it also makes Frisbees, Hacky Sacks, and Hula-Hoops)
recently came out with a Peep kit, complete with powdered instant marshmallow mix.

However, both Hirsch’s recipe and the Wham-O Peeps extruder won’t satisfy true Peep believers. Why? They operate only in 2-D. Follow the instructions and you’ll get a cute chick-shaped cutout, not the chubby little chick of candy-aisle fame.

But weep not: A true DIY, 3-D Peep popped right up on the website. Fly, little chickies, fly!

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