Tuna two ways, both killer:

Eleven Madison Park’s confit of big eye tuna: A ubiquitous dish, but the inspired addition here is celery and pickled Asian pear—a happy complement in taste and texture, says DoctortedNYC, and a welcome departure from too-often overpowering citrus dressings. “Best I’ve ever had,” adds the Doc, who has tried rival versions all over town.

Sable’s smoked tuna salad: A sweet, smoky, pimento-enlivened cousin to ordinary tuna salads. “Wow! It’ll leave an impression!” promises skeetereats. “Definitely worth a trip even if you don’t live anywhere near there.”

Eleven Madison Park [Gramercy]
11 Madison Avenue, at E. 24th Street, Manhattan

Sable’s Smoked Fish [Upper East Side]
1489 2nd Avenue, between E. 77th and 78th Streets, Manhattan

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