Food52 Staub cookware collection
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The best fall tableware is obviously colored like autumn leaves—these red, yellow, and orange tablecloths, cups, plates, napkins, and serving pieces will look beautiful long after the last real leaf falls.

Fall is officially in full swing, and that means new flavors, new orders at Starbucks, and new scented candles for around the house. As we get further into the fall season, you may also find yourself hosting more parties than you normally would, what with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and maybe even a Friendsgiving or two.

Autumn EntertainingFall Dinner Parties 101If you’re hosting, you’ll definitely be focusing on preparing food and drinks—and you’re right to do so. But don’t forget that fall is the most aesthetically pleasing season, especially once the leaves have changed colors. Fall is all about warm hues like soft, deep reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, and you should capitalize on that for your next dinner party!

Follow this guide to shop for leaf-colored tableware that your dinner guests will absolutely fall for.

Linen Napkins, 4 for $39.95 at Sur la Table

Sur la Table

If you’re looking to throw a dinner party that’s more elegant than your standard paper plates and napkins, Sur la Table has beautiful linen napkins that you can buy in sets of 4. The best part is that they come in a variety of colors, so you can set your table with a mix of different shades to mimic a pile of fallen leaves. If you want to go with a true fall color scheme, I would suggest buying these napkins in “cranberry,” “honey,” “butter,” and “rust.”Buy Now

Food52 x Staub Turmeric Cookware Collection, $99-$299 on Food52 (normally $159-$359)

Food52 Staub cookware collection


If your favorite season is fall (which it definitely should be), you may be looking for a more permanent fall-themed aesthetic. You’re in luck; Food52 sells Staub cast iron cookware including rice cookers, grill pans, and cocottes. While the pieces are all super high quality, we can’t neglect the color! Everything in this collection is a beautiful orangey-yellow, totally reminiscent of leaves getting darker as we get further into the fall season. I’m telling you, this oven-to-table cookware will give your kitchen (and your dining room) such a cozy ambiance.Buy Now

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Grelucgo Hemstitched Polyester Table Runner, $23.99 on Amazon

orange table runner


I’m not the biggest fan of tablecloths, but I do love table runners. I think they’re simple to maintain, more easily interchanged than a tablecloth, and they add something really sophisticated to your kitchen table (when I was in college, my roommates and I put a runner on our dorm’s kitchen table to make the space feel more homey). Grelucgo makes affordable and beautifully-stitched table runners that are available in deep cranberry red and pumpkin orange, making them the perfect complement to the fall dinners on your table.Buy Now

The Pioneer Woman’s 3-Piece Scalloped Edge Serving Bowls, $12.99 at Walmart

Pioneer Woman serving bowls


If anyone knows her way around the kitchen, it’s the Pioneer Woman. Her serving bowls are super affordable, come in three different sizes (perfect for any-sized party), and the patterns on the bowls are really cute. If they’ve been in your cart for a while, fall is the perfect time to finally press “Confirm Purchase;” the bowls are predominantly orange, red, and golden in color, so they’ll match your fall décor perfectly.Buy Now

Harvest Plaid Tablecloth, $44.96-$59.96 at Sur la Table

fall plaid tablecloth

Sur la Table

I know I just said I prefer a runner to a tablecloth, but I know a lot of people out there would disagree with me. My grandma, for instance, used to have a different tablecloth for every season and every holiday. So if you’re anything like her, you should invest in Sur la Table’s harvest plaid tablecloth. It’s a cranberry red which, in case you haven’t noticed by now, is my personal favorite fall color (I always liked the red leaves that fell from the trees, too!). And the dark color of the tablecloth will make the colors of your food pop and look that much more appealing. If you fall in love with this tablecloth, Sur la Table also sells an apron, oven mitts, and table chargers in the same pattern. (And if you want to spend a little less, Target has a plaid tablecloth in brown and cream with yellow and rust accents for under $20.)Buy Now

Noritake Colorwave Dinnerware Collection, $6-$249.99 at Macy’s

Macy's fall tableware


If you’re in the market for new plates, bowls, and mugs, you may want to start at Macy’s. Their Noritake dinnerware collection is sturdy, microwave-friendly, and—you guessed it—comes in a variety of colors. I like these plates in particular because they are predominantly white, but the splash of color is very tasteful and stylish. If you’re looking to go with the “fall leaves” color scheme, I suggest buying the collection in “terra cotta” (which is more orange than your standard terracotta), “raspberry,” or “mustard.” The latter is my personal favorite in the collection because it’s a pretty shade of yellow that looks like golden leaves in the fall but would also add a beautiful pop of color to your table in the summer.Buy Now

Painted Wine Glasses, 4 for $69 on Amazon

painted fall wine glasses


If you want your goblets to go with your fall décor, these wine glasses from Amazon are beyond perfect. Painted on the glasses are tree branches that are almost bare save for a few red, yellow, and orange leaves. The bottom of the glass is painted with all the leaves that have fallen from the tree. These are great for the fall and are all of a sudden in my Amazon cart.Buy Now

Le Creuset Mugs, $18 at Sur la Table

Le Creuset mugs

Sur la Table

Fall is the start of a long, enjoyable hot chocolate season! There is nothing I love more on a lazy day than holding a hot drink in a giant mug. When you’re serving coffee and dessert at your next fall dinner party, consider these big, beautiful mugs from Sur la Table. If it’s fall colors you want, go for the “flame” and “cerise” shades. The mugs all have an ombre look to them, so are reminiscent of a spectrum of different colored leaves in the fall.Buy Now

Better Homes & Gardens 20-Piece Gold Flatware Set, $19.99 at Walmart

metallic gold flatware


During the fall season when your house is decorated in red, orange, and gold like the leaves outside, what could look better than gold forks, knives, and spoons? Luckily, you don’t have to spring for solid gold silverware. Walmart sells beautiful gold cutlery for only $19.99, so you don’t have to break the bank to class up your table this Thanksgiving. (Note: These just sold out, but the rose gold option is also great, and there’s a similar gold 20-piece flatware set for just $10 more if you can’t wait for these to come back in stock.)Buy Now

Caiden Elegance Damask Placemats, 4 for $18.99 at Target

gold place mat


Placemats are great for a number of reasons. They give your table a little extra panache, keep your tablecloth (or runner) neat, and they can be easily swapped out depending on the season. Target has a wide selection of placemats with a beautiful damask pattern. But remember, we want colors that remind us of fall leaves here, so if you’re interested in these for autumn, I’d suggest “red,” “gold,” or “cranberry.”Buy Now

Zak Designs Soup Bowls, $19.80 on Amazon

fall tableware


With fall in full swing, we’ll start to see a lot more soups. There are more root vegetables in season, and fall flavors lend themselves incredibly well to thick, hearty stews that you just can’t eat until it’s chilly outside (chili and chowder included). Because you’ll want a bowl that makes you feel just as cozy as your soup, try these soup bowls from Amazon. They’re big, durable, and come in great fall colors (try “salmon,” “red,” and “hex orange”—and check out the coordinating pieces too).Buy Now

Disposable Supplies for 48, $24.99 on Amazon

disposable fall tableware


Maybe you’re only hosting one big dinner party this season. You don’t want to buy more tableware that will just gather dust in your cabinets, but you want the décor to have that fall feel. Luckily, Amazon sells full sets of disposable tableware for every occasion. What I love about this particular set is that it goes great with the fall theme—you’ll see plates with fall leaves on them, chocolate-brown plastic cups, and burnt orange napkins. Plus, this set is enough for 48 people so, unless you’re throwing the party of the century, one should be enough!Buy Now

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