In between dishing on the usual snark suspects, industry gossip site Eater is actually telling readers how they can put a little social justice on their tabs today.

See, March 22 is World Water Day, and New York City diners can help. The Tap Project, run through UNICEF, is asking NYC restaurant-goers to add a buck to their checks at participating restaurants today.

The money goes toward international clean-water programs—in literal terms, that $1 translates into 40 liters of clean water. Think of it as payment for the free, tasty tap water in your glass. With our ubiquitous Britas and Poland Spring office dispensers, it’s easy to forget that one in five children in the developing world don’t have access to clean, safe water, and that diseases spread in unclean water are the biggest killer of children five and under.

Meanwhile, on a lighter note and on the opposite coast, house-fizzed sparkling water is the new Perrier. Around the Bay Area, restaurants with a social conscience, like Chez Panisse, are nixing imported aqua in favor of local tap, filtered, fizzed, and poured from specially designed decanters.

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