Many hounds feel pleasantly altered after chomping a chili pepper; wasabi and salsa also seem to produce psychotropic effects from their spiciness. Other hounds trip on rich, fatty foods, like chocolate mousse and creamy cheese.

michelle cindy gets a euphoric rush from eating rye bread that has been spread with chilled, rendered chicken fat and sprinkled with salt and pepper. The high is different from the high produced by chili peppers –-less euphoric, more comforting.

Snackish experiences an ecstatic feeling just from smelling black pepper or saffron. Raw onions produce this effect for janetofreno always been afraid to tell people that because it seems a bit weird. But it’s a cheap high,” she says.

Starfruit makes pinstripeprincess woozy. “It feels like I’m high after I’ve had a couple bites. My brain doesn’t function completely right, and the world is a little off kilter.” She acknowledges, however, that there may be a fine line between “food high” and “allergic reaction.”

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