Susan, head baker and sheep wrangler at the award-winning site Farmgirl Fare, has her hands full with a new project

No, not the adorable black-and-white babies that her flock of ewes are pumping out at this time of year—although anyone starved for cuteness should check out the daily pix of her little lamb-chops-to-be (yes, she raises sheep for meat, not wool). As she explains in her post “Ready, Breadie?” the California-baker-turned-Missouri-farmer and her pals Kevin and Beth will be spending the next 12 months baking and blogging at their new site, A Year in Bread. The concept: “Twelve months, three passionate bread bakers, thirty-six recipes—and more fun than should probably be allowed in the kitchen.”

Each month, the three bakers will each bake the same three recipes, sharing their different approaches, modifications, and results. Need a little more encouragement to pull out the yeast and flour? Just check out this snap of Susan’s current batch of pain au levain in all its golden, crackle-crusted glory. Bring on the butter!

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