Café Ya-Bon has all the standard café fare—lattes and mochas and whatnot—but if you pay close attention, you’ll see a little Moroccan sparkle in the menu. That’s because the two owners are Moroccan, and they’ve insinuated a little bit of their home cuisine into the café menu.

Try their Moroccan mint; it’s ridiculously good. It’s a refreshing, perfectly sweetened glass of green tea topped with mint. pane says he’s had this tea at places all over the states, and this is the best he’s ever found. A perfect companion to mint tea is shepakia—long strips of flour and almond paste, baked or fried, then coated in honey.

The owners will be offering more homemade Moroccan-Tunisian stuff, made by one of the owners’ wife, starting in April. A few delights are already available, like m’laoui ($1.50), a circle of fried flatbread served warm with granulated sugar and honey. It’s rich, flaky, and buttery, like a very thick crepe, and “would pair well with a cup of tea and a long winter’s nap,” says pane.

Oh, and it’s open 24 hours. The only way it could be more perfect would be if it were free.

Café Ya-Bon [Nob Hill]
1201 Sutter St., San Francisco

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