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When it comes to cookbooks, we can’t get enough, so our wish list has gotten a little unwieldy. That’s why we split up the big batch of best new cookbooks of fall 2019 into several categories—including this exciting bunch of brand new books from some of our longtime favorite food bloggers.

They’re great additions to your kitchen, but also perfect for giving as holiday gifts.

“Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook: Favorite Everyday Recipes from Our Family Kitchen” by Maria Lichty, $20.13 on Amazon

Two Peas and Their Pod cookbook 2019


Publish Date: September 3, 2019

From the popular Two Peas & Their Pod blog comes this cookbook packed with beautiful, budget-friendly, and (mostly) healthy recipes for every meal. The breakfast chapter embraces hearty baked goods, egg dishes, and smoothies and there are dinner recipes for any day of the week (from One-Skillet Sausage Pasta to several vegetarian options, and mains to sides). You’ll also find desserts (lots of cookies, Brown Butter Banana Cake with Brown Butter-Cream Cheese Frosting, Peanut Butter Fudge Ice Cream Pie with Chocolate Cookie Crust…) and a handful of party menus too for when you want to feed a crowd—or just want an excuse to host a Loaded Nacho Bar get-together.Buy Now

“Bigger, Bolder Baking: A Fearless Approach to Baking Anytime, Anywhere” by Gemma Stafford, $21.64 on Amazon

Bigger Bolder Baking cookbook fall 2019


Publish Date: September 3, 2019

Gemma’s Bigger, Bolder Baking is a reliable repository of professional baking knowledge anyone can apply at home—think: five tips for perfect fudgy brownies—and (of course) fantastic recipes for all sorts of desserts. This cookbook delivers even more of the same, and in a move we know we’ll appreciate, the chapters are divided by the equipment they call for (“Rolling Pin,” “Wooden Spoon & Bowl,” “No Oven Needed”) so we can search for a sweet treat based on how much work we want to put into it. Still, it’ll be hard to choose what to bake first (Pistachio Orange Palmiers; any of several birthday cake contenders; Caramelized Banana Tarte Tatin; Single-Serving Key Lime Pie Cheesecake…), but there are also handy recipes for DIY components like homemade buttermilk, brown sugar, cake flour, and condensed milk. Clearly, there’s a lot to love, even before you turn the oven on (and sometimes you won’t have to).Buy Now

“The Art of Escapism Cooking: A Survival Story, with Intensely Good Flavors” by Mandy Lee, $22.05 on Amazon

Lady and Pups cookbook 2019


Publish Date: October 15, 2019

If you’re familiar with the blog Lady & Pups, you’ll know this book promises to deliver on all fronts: eye candy in the form of excellent photos; fully engaging words and stories; and recipes you won’t find anywhere else (Buffalo Chicken Ramen; Poached Eggs with Miso Burnt Butter Hollandaise; and Wontons with Shrimp Chili Coconut Oil and Herbed Yogurt). Mandy Lee began her blog as a way to vent frustrations after moving abroad, hence “escapism cooking” in the book title—but for us, the escape will be into the writing itself, the stunning photos, and the food (and all the places, moods, and memories they conjure.)Buy Now

“Lush: A Season-by-Season Celebration of Craft Beer and Produce” by Jacquelyn Dodd, $25 on Amazon

Beeroness Lush beer cookbook 2019


Publish Date: October 15, 2019

All beer fans who like to cook should absolutely know about The Beeroness. She’s passionate about great craft beer, and using it in cooking both sweet and savory (as exemplified on her website and in two earlier cookbooks: “Craft Beer Bites” and the “Craft Beer Cookbook“). This latest offering puts an emphasis on seasonality, both in the fruit and vegetable ingredients in each dish and in the beer itself—which also ends up in the food, of course, for a delicious synergy of flavors. As the description notes, “This isn’t your drunk uncle’s beer chili.” Instead, get ready for delicious combos like Gochujang ISA Shakshuka and Grilled Apricot Saison Shortcakes. Don’t forget to pick up enough beer for cooking (or baking) and drinking with the finished dish.Buy Now

“Donal’s Meals in Minutes: 90 Suppers from Scratch, 15 Minutes Prep” by Donal Skehan, $19.39 on Amazon

Donal Skehan Meals in Minutes cookbook


Publish Date: October 2, 2019

If you’re not yet familiar with Donal Skehan, you’ll want to be—the Irish food writer and photographer has appeared on TV and written several cookbooks already (so you have plenty to peruse while you wait for this release!), and prizes quick and easy recipes that don’t seem at all like an afterthought. This book promises various meals that are all easy in different ways: some are one pot or one pan affairs; others take minimal prep and then slow cook while you tend to other things; some take only six ingredients (without missing any flavors); some take a mere 30 minutes; and others emphasize store-bought shortcuts for making fuss-free dinners in a flash. In any case, you’ll end up with something delicious—Basil Butter Grilled Salmon with Fennel & Tomato Salad; Moroccan Sausage Meatballs with Harissa Couscous; and Thai-Style Veggie Fried Rice are just a few dishes we can’t wait to try. And we got the Irish Stew recipe from the book, with the ingenious addition of barley-cheddar dumplings.Buy Now

“The Wholesome Yum Easy Keto Cookbook: 100 Simple Low Carb Recipes” by Maya Krampf, $19.39 on Amazon

Wholesome Yum keto cookbook 2019


Publish Date: October 22, 2019

If you’ve ever even flirted with the idea of trying keto, you’ve very likely heard of the Wholesome Yum blog, a top keto resource on the web. The book contains a mix of reliable faves from the site plus 80 brand new recipes and a helpful keto primer for beginners—even better, every recipe takes only 10 ingredients (or fewer). You’ll find keto treats for every occasion, like keto chocolate chip peanut butter waffles, keto garlic bread sticks, keto chicken fingers, and a whole chapter dedicated to the wonders of fathead dough (and how to turn it into pizza, pastries, tortillas, and more). Even if you don’t follow the low-carb diet, you’ll find plenty of delicious recipes you’ll want to make.Buy Now

“Half Baked Harvest: Super Simple” by Tieghan Gerard, $17.99 on Amazon

Half Baked Harvest cookbook 2019


Publish Date: October 29, 2019

Anyone who knows the Half Baked Harvest blog (and/or Tieghan Gerard’s first cookbook of the same name) is already salivating over this one, which will be chock-full of gorgeous photography and recipes that live up to them too. Here, those recipes are also oriented around ease of preparation (a trend we’re 100 percent in favor of), whether that means things that you can make ahead or just make quickly. From simple dishes like cheesy eggs on toast to more sophisticated meals like Saucy Coconut and Chickpea Curry (plus great desserts like a hybrid brownie-blondie recipe bursting with chocolate and peanut butter), these all look like winners, any day of the week.Buy Now

“Weeknight Baking: Recipes to Fit Your Schedule” by Michelle Lopez, $28.88 on Amazon

Weeknight Baking cookbook fall 2019


Publish Date: October 29, 2019

Another book that works with your schedule, “Weeknight Baking” is from the woman behind Hummingbird High, home of beautifully enticing desserts. With a range of recipes that you can either make at the last minute or break into smaller pieces over a few nights (meaning you can pull off a perfect pie for a Saturday night dinner party without ever spending more than about 30 minutes at a time working on it), you’ll never be at a loss for a dessert—which is only as it should be. Look for a platonic ideal yellow cake (with instructions on making it into a layer cake, sheet cake, or cupcakes), Black-and-White Chocolate Chunk Shortbread Cookies, and more sweet stuff that’ll make you want to tie on your apron even after the most grueling Monday at the office.Buy Now

“The Defined Dish: Whole30 Endorsed, Healthy and Wholesome Weeknight Recipes” by Alex Snodgrass, $21 on Amazon

The Defined Dish Whole30 cookbook


Publish Date: December 31, 2019

The Defined Dish is a great place for healthy recipes that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and grain-free—not to mention delicious and easy to make. While you’ll have to wait almost until next year for the cookbook, it’ll be worth it. Sixty of the recipes in this book are Whole30-compliant, while the rest are intended for those who are easing up a little on Whole30 restrictions while still wanting to keep things nutritious and wholesome. Think Chipotle Chicken Tostadas with Pineapple Salsa, and Mediterranean Fish en Papillote (which is basically a fancy foil packet, so don’t let the name intimidate you). You’ll also find healthy date night dinners and a “Cleaned-up Kid Food” chapter so the whole family can eat well. Just the thing to start you off right in 2020.Buy Now

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