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I’m not entirely sure why, but this week has been exhausting. And an exhausting week usually means my hand is constantly in and out of the snack drawer, hoping to stumble across the perfect salty or sweet indulgence that will hold me over until dinner time. Lucky for me, I’ve been introduced to a bevy of new options that we tried on this week’s Taylor Strecker Show. Scroll down and check out what we thought of the lot, all brand new to grocery store shelves. Did our favorites surprise you?

Red Rock Deli Chips (Aged Cheddar and Dijon)

The Red Coconut Curry variety was a smash last year, earning a well-deserved spot on our Top 10 Friday Food Finds of 2018 list. While we appreciate the super crunchy texture of these Australian-based chips, this particular flavor wasn’t as good as our aforementioned favorite. Any sort of aged cheese AND dijon is going to be polarizing due to its pungency, so we weren’t entirely surprised by the taste test results. That being said, we’ll stick to the OG lines to ensure snack neutrality among all parties.

Tillen Farms Rum Bada Bing Cherries

Despite the fact that these are soaked in rum, we think they’d fare best in a virgin Shirley Temple. And piled high, of course. They’re not mind-blowing amazing, but would be a nice added touch to any rum-based cocktail…like a piña colada or Mai Tai. Time for a vacation!

Biena Chickpea Puffs (Blazin’ Hot)

We’re definitely fans of Biena’s line of roasted chickpeas, but these tater tot-shaped snacks kind of paled in comparison. The heat in Blazin’ Hot was awesome and there was an excellent crunch factor, but there’s something about the chickpea flour mix that makes them have an almost cardboard-y aftertaste. In fact, we didn’t love Ranch or White Cheddar (which we sampled outside of the show). Worth trying? Absolutely. Your next favorite health snack? We’re not so sure. You’ll have to test these yourself and report back.

Dole Whip Spoonable Smoothies

We like the idea of a frozen breakfast item that you can pop into the microwave in the morning and not even think about. The only problem is that these were really, really sweet, which can be off-putting for those who are used to a simple piece of fruit without all of the bells and whistles. The nod to Disney’s famous Dole Whip is very much appreciated, though, even if you’re not enjoying it garden-side with Mickey Mouse or Cinderella.

Re:THINK Ice Cream (Coffee Hazelnut)

This was absolutely the best thing we sampled all day. The integration of hazelnuts gave it a nice texture and the fluffiness of the ice cream made it less artificial-tasting than its icy and flaky competition. We appreciate the company’s commitment to natural ingredients, as well, with a green tea infusion that provides a boost of caffeine and antioxidants. If you’re dieting and craving a quick and almost guilt-free dessert, this is the one for you.

Sun-Maid Sour Raisins

If you’re a fan of sour candy, you’re going to absolutely love these. They’re ridiculously addictive and a perfect substitute for sugar-laden gummies. We’re hoping that they roll out even more flavors (like sour apple or cherry) so that we can replace* all of our favorite treats with them. (*Never going to happen. We covet our candy binges.)

Handfulls Crrrunch Bites! (Honey Mustard)

Conceptually, these are pretty unique. They’re like an almond chip, but with a soft inside and delightfully crunchy exterior. The more you eat, the more you can’t stop, which is pretty dangerous considering how easy they are to scoop into your mouth. Honey mustard is our favorite flavor, by far, but you can sample the rest of their line in the link above.

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