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We rounded up the best dog treats you can buy because your dog deserves nothing less than perfection.

Let’s be honest, some humans spoil their dogs more than they do their own kids. I’m not saying whether or not I completely, totally get it and agree 100 percent with the philosophy. No, no I’m not saying that….at all. But I am saying that dogs deserve as much of the good stuff as anyone else for putting up with all of our coming, and going, and general dysfunction.

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As it were, dog treats have enjoyed a true culinary upgrade of late, borrowing trends from the human food world including bone broth, the Mediterranean diet, and even the CBD craze. Check out some of our favorite gourmet dog treats to spoil your pooch this National Dog Day. They’ll love ya for it…even more than they already do.

HOWND Hemp-Infused Dog Treats, $11.99 on Amazon


The CBD craze is not just for the two-legged among us. Owners of anxious animals often sing the praises of hemp extract (which won’t get you or your dog high) for soothing and calming those hyper puppies out there. Try these CBD dog treats with hemp and chamomile to calm your fidgety fido.Buy Now

Brutus Bone Broth Biscuits, 2 pouches for $19.97 on Amazon

bone broth dog treats


Bone broth is another human trend that seems to have crossed over to doggydom. Well, sort of. This isn’t bone broth per se but the wheat-free biscuits are made with simple, organic, and locally sourced ingredients and carry some of the same properties and benefits of a hearty broth.Buy Now

Doggy Peanut Butter Cups, $9.50 on Etsy


I don’t think I can wait until Halloween to try these canine peanut butter cups made with dog-safe carob instead of chocolate. Everyone knows Reese’s are the best treat for humans so there is no reason to believe it would be any different for dogs.Buy Now

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OlviPet Olive Oil-Infused Treats, $9.99 on Amazon

Why not put Rosco on the Mediterranean diet? This unique and healthy gourmet dog treat is infused with cold pressed extra virgin olive oil (from Crete to be exact). Olive oil is known for a myriad of health benefits for humans and dogs including a richer, thicker coat of fur—and they taste great, too! Or so I’d imagine. Nothing to see here.Buy Now

Homemade Bacon Snickerdoodles, $23 on Etsy


Seriously, now I’m pissed. Dogs are out there getting bacon snickerdoodles? I don’t think those even exist for humans yet, so I’m for sure taking a handful and running. But real talk, it’s hard to imagine a combination of flavors your dog would love more in a treat than this one.Buy Now

Chicken Jerky, $15 on Etsy


With the explosion of air fryers and dehydrators jerky that’s made from all sorts of meats has become a big trend, which is why your pup will look extra chic chewing on this chicken jerky made especially for dogs.Buy Now

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Bacon Cheese Biscuits, $13.49 on Amazon


I promise to do my best not to sneak a couple of these dog treats from Baxter but when I hear bacon and cheese in the same sentence it usually means I’m gonna eat whatever the thing is. These are some of the most well-reviewed dog treats on Amazon and since dogs can’t really use computers, I’m guessing I’m not the only person who’s had the thought.Buy Now

Bacon Jerky, $9.99 on Amazon


Bacon never goes out of style, just ask any dog who has jumped higher than they ever thought they could to snag a piece off the kitchen counter. Now pups can have their own “human grade” bacon so everyone is happy.Buy Now

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