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Ever wonder if you’re spending too much for groceries? Or at least more than the folks in the next town over? Apartment Guide just released a ranking of the cheapest and most expensive U.S. cities for buying family groceries based on the average price of ten commonly purchased supermarket items: eggs, milk, cheese, orange juice, bananas, cereal, margarine, bread, potatoes, and steak. The ten prices were then added for a final ranking of the least and most expensive cities for buying groceries.

Out of 256 U.S. cities ranked, the most affordable city for groceries turned out to be Temple, Texas with a whopping six other Texas cities making the top ten, including Waco, Houston, and Round Rock. The prices for groceries in Temple ranked extremely low across the board with the cheapest bananas and in the top 15 for cheapest steak, orange juice, cereal, milk, margarine, and potatoes.

Other U.S. cities to land in the top ten for cheapest groceries included Kalamazoo (MI), Salina (KS), Birmingham (AL), and Lynchburg (VA). 

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The study also revealed the top ten most expensive U.S. cities for family groceries with Honolulu, Hawaii clocking in as the priciest. Unsurprising perhaps, as anything that isn’t produced on the island chain must be shipped thousands of miles overseas. 

New York City didn’t fare much better with three of the five boroughs topping the most expensive groceries list. Manhattan came in fifth for most expensive groceries, with Queens at number nine, and Brooklyn close behind at number ten. 

Find the complete list of most and least expensive U.S. cities for buying groceries here.

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