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Summertime means you’ll be enjoying the company of your friends and family at BBQs, al fresco dinner parties, poolside hang seshes filled with snacks, and even the occasional fancy dinner soiree highlighting the season’s best produce. But rather than bringing the usual block of cheese or bouquet of flowers that’s on sale at your grocery store, with a little planning (AKA the help of this list) you can score a pretty unique gift for those people in your life who offer you their warm hospitality.

Year & Day All Day & Night Dip Dishes, 4 for $26 at Year & Day 

Year & Day

This sophisticated set of four, low-edged, multi-purpose bowls can be used right away by your friends or family for sharing nuts, olives, hummus, skordalia, that tzatziki dip everyone goes crazy for, oils, or even plain old salt and pepper.Buy Now

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House of Lilac Dried Flower Bouquet, $45 at House of Lilac

House of Lilac

The summer heat can be taxing on a bouquet of flowers, but not if they’ve already been expertly dried out. These beautiful bouquets will last in your host or hostess’s home much longer than the bunch from your corner bodega…in fact, the gathering of fresh eucalyptus and statice (which dry out on their own), preserved ruscus, broom bloom, and ammobium will last forever.Buy Now

Black Seed Bagels, $65 on Goldbelly


Honestly, what’s better and more universally well-loved than a bagel? You can pretty much guarantee any host or hostess will be insanely appreciative of some good old-fashioned carbs, especially if they’re from one of NYC’s most beloved bagel spots, Black Seed Bagels. When you order on Goldbelly, which ships nationwide, your giftee will receive a dozen bagels of your choosing, plus ½ pound of double smoked salmon and 1 pound of cream cheese for the ultimate bagel and lox party.Buy Now

Coolin Curve Wine Bucket, $42.71 on Amazon


Most ice buckets are built upright, which can present a problem for any host or hostess that wants to quickly chill a bottle of Champagne poolside. Enter the Coolin’ Curve, an innovative and easy-to-carry ice bucket that will cover and evenly chill your entire bottle—whether it’s Korbel or Dom—from cork to heel. Bonus: The thick plastic design of the Coolin Curve also prevents the sweaty mess produced with metal buckets on a scorching hot summer day.Buy Now

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Mas Codina Cava Brut Reserva Magnum, $30 at K&L Wine Merchants

Mas Codina Brut Reserva Cava

Mas Codina

“I would suggest always bringing bubbles to your host/ess, and you can really get a ‘wow’ factor when it’s a large format,” says Amy Racine, Wine Director at The Times Square EDITION. “One of my favorites for about $30 retail is Mas Codina Cava Brut Reserva magnum. It’s a smaller winery in Spain that hand turns all of their bottles while they age at the winery for two years before release, even their magnums. It’s a great value for such a hands-on, small winery. It’ll be great to bring to any sort of shower, formal dinner party, birthday, or even a picnic because it’s so citrusy, bright, and refreshing,” she adds.Buy Now

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Swan Shaped Cocktail Glass, $54 at Walmart


Amy’s colleague Salvatore Tafuri, Bar Director at The Times Square EDITION, knows a thing or two about unique glassware. The Sicilian native turned New York bar man uses glassware from designers like Martin Jakobson from the Czech Republic to wow guests in the four different bars he oversees at the property. Like Tarufi’s cocktails, Jakobsen’s glass creations are just as innovative as they are stunning—case in point, this swan-shaped cocktail glass that is sure to spark immediate intrigue and conversation amongst any recipient. Buy Now

LovePop Summer Greeting Cards, $13+ at LovePop

Love Pop

A greeting card may seem like the most basic b*tch gift you can bring along to say thanks for the hospitality, but not when you consider the gorgeous 3D pop-up versions from LovePop. There’s an entire summer collection, plus 400 fun designs to choose from—everything from a flower basket design to a greeting card hiding a pop-up Star Wars TIE Fighter.Buy Now

Amazonian Fiber Tray IX, $79 at Maison Numen

Maison Numen

“These Amazonian trays are a must piece when giving a host/ess gift; they are full of culture and heritage,” says Jessica Macias, founder of Maison Numen. The trays are handwoven by the men of the Ye’kwana people (living in the Venezuelan Amazon) in tirite fiber, she notes. “Their weaving techniques and motifs are very much appreciated for their rich cultural identity. These trays can be used as a decorative piece, hung on a wall, or even to serve bites or fruits,” she says.Buy Now

Radiant Rare Decanter, $45 at Uniek Living

gem-cut decanter

Uniek Living

The geometric shape of this mouth-blown crystal decanter resembles the facets of a diamond, so you know your recipient will be blown away. The decanter can obviously stand tall, but it’s also able to sit on its side—and it won’t leak a drop of your precious wine or favorite spirit.Buy Now

SeedSheets, $14.54 at Home Depot

Home Depot

These mini herb gardens can grow virtually anywhere—even a tiny NYC studio apartment. With text alerts to remind you when to water and nurture, your host or hostess doesn’t even need a green thumb to enjoy the wide variety of organic, non-GMO favorites—sweet basil, dill, and cilantro or even a set that includes three different kinds of basil.Buy Now

2016 Joseph Phelps Cabernet Sauvignon, price & availability varies on Saucey

Joseph Phelps cabernet sauvignon


You’re probably already familiar with Insignia, the highly coveted wine from the family-owned Napa Valley winery Joseph Phelps, but their cab—with notes of fig, vanilla, and baking spices—is also a crowd pleaser that serves as *the* perfect impress-your-friends-with-your-red-wine-knowledge bottle to bring along to a dinner party, especially if you’re enjoying a summer pork roast.Buy Now

Write to Me Recipes Passed Down Journal, $44.95 at Write to Me

Write to Me

This handsome journal serves as a way to pass down and compile your favorite recipes from friends, family, and even random strangers. With each page structured with the name of the recipe, its origins, tips, ingredients, and instructions, it makes for a thoughtful and somewhat on the nose gift for a Recipe Swap Party, but also just because.Buy Now

Linnea’s Lights Lavender Gift Set, $90 at Linnea’s Lights

Linnea’s Lights

This woman-owned fragrance company already makes quality two wick soy candles that rival those fancy pants Jo Malone versions at just $34 a pop (peep the Cashmere candle, which also makes a great gift). One of their best values though—filled with summer scents—is their beautifully packaged (read: no gift wrap required!) Lavender Gift Set which includes a large candle, a votive, a reed diffuser, and even a wick trimmer to keep your flame going strong.Buy Now

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