Negroni enamel pin
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There may be casual Negroni fans out there, but people who love these complex cocktails tend to feel pretty passionate about their drink of choice. These Negroni-themed gifts would be the perfect thing to present any devotee of the Campari-based cocktail.

You’ll find more options at the Negroni Week Shop; from June 24-30, sales of those items will benefit various charities, but you can score even more Negroni merch elsewhere, including Etsy, of course (because what don’t they have?). Whether you’re looking for a little present to yourself or searching for a new way to delight someone with specific tastes, these might just do the trick.

1. Love and Victory Negroni Cocktail Enamel Pin, $12 on Etsy

Negroni enamel pin

Love and Victory/Etsy

If you’d like to wear your love for the Negroni on your sleeve—or maybe closer to your collar—this charming enamel pin is a stylish way to do it. There’s also an “I Bleed Negroni” pin for the more hardcore/less understated, but the sleek lines and vibrant colors of this mod accessory are so coolly captivating. (If you buy through the Negroni Week Store during June 24-30, 10% of each sale will go to PAWs.)Buy Now

2. Love and Victory Negroni Socks, $15 on Etsy

Negroni socks

Love and Victory/Etsy

Not into pins? Chances are, you do wear socks (please wear socks), so why not pick a pair emblazoned with miniature Negroni glasses? Naturally, a Negroni tie is also on offer, and while food prints are always a little cheeky, this one is subtle enough to be classy too.Buy Now

3. Dot & Amy Negroni Embroidered Cocktail Napkins, 4 for $32

Negroni embroidered cocktail napkins

Dot & Amy/Imbibe Magazine

These fetching little linen-blend cocktail napkins give great retro vibes but unlike actual vintage pieces, they can go in the washing machine if you happen to spill a little Campari. Added bonus: through Negroni Week 2019, 10% of all sales will be donated to the Surfrider Foundation.Buy Now

4. Fat Poppy Design Negroni Cocktail Diagram Poster, $10+ on Etsy

technical drawing Negroni poster

Fat Poppy Design/Etsy

There are lots of Negroni posters available to suit pretty much every style (albeit some not officially licensed to reproduce the designs they’re sporting), but this technical-style illustration has a certain graphic flair, and is designed and printed in California. It comes in a few different sizes depending on your wall space.Buy Now

5. Glass Goat Soy Candles Negroni Double Wick Candle, $28 on Etsy

Negroni candle

Glass Goat Soy Candles/Etsy

Hand-poured in Seattle from 100 percent soy wax, these Negroni-scented candles are phthalate-free and come in recycled glass containers with natural cotton wicks. The aromatic mixture of bitter orange and grapefuit oils, sweet cherry notes, and herbal, pleasantly astringent juniper will make you thirsty for a drink, so better be prepared.Buy Now

6. Reclamation Etchworks Negroni Decanter, $59 on Etsy

etched Negroni decanter art deco style

Reclamation Etchworks/Etsy

Speaking of that drink, if one Negroni is never enough (or if you’re having a classy Italian aperitivo party), mix up a whole batch in this Art Deco style decanter. The laser-etched glass namechecks your favorite drink on the front and includes handy fill lines for each of the three ingredients on the back. It also comes in a chevron design if you prefer.Buy Now

7. Embroidery by KG Designs Negroni Christmas Ornament, $45.12 on Etsy

sequined Negroni ornament

Embroidery by KG Designs/Etsy

The year’s already half over (we know), so it’s not really too early to start collecting Christmas presents—but this adorable, hand-sequined Negroni ornament could just as easily be a bar cart charm all year round (just hang it out of reach of cats and kids because they’ll both want to get their paws on it).Buy Now

8. Happy Hive Home Negroni Throw Pillow Cover, $29.95+ on Etsy

Negroni throw pillow cover

Happy Hive Home/Etsy

Know someone whose passion for pillows intersects with their Negroni addiction? Then you have found the perfect gift (or ideal addition to your own couch).Buy Now

9. Stewart & Claire Negroni Lip Balm, $8 on Amazon

Negroni lip balm


The intoxicating flavor of spicy, bitter botanicals and sweet citrus with none of the actually intoxicating effects of the drink; this lip balm is a great way to get a taste of happy hour any time of day (and keep your smile soft and shiny to boot).Buy Now

10. Campari Ready-to-Drink Negroni at Saucey (price & availability varies)

Campari ready-to-drink Negroni


You may question the need for this to exist—with only three ingredients and no fancy techniques involved, the Negroni is already easy to make. But this pre-mixed version has received some solid reviews, and could be just the thing for a grab-and-go picnic libation, or cracking open after a particularly exhausting day at work.

11. Mofado Crystal Cocktail Mixing Glass Set, $36.95 on Amazon

crystal cocktail mixing glass set


If you’d rather DIY, you’ll be stirring, not shaking, and this crystal mixing set is appropriately sophisticated for any Negroni devotee’s home bar cart.Buy Now

12. “Amaro: The Spirited World of Bittersweet, Herbal Liqueurs, with Cocktails, Recipes, and Formulas” by Brad Thomas Parsons by $19.17 on Amazon

Amaro cocktail book


Whether you’re just getting into amari or are a diehard digestif fan, this intensive cocktail book will be a great resource for information about an array of liqueurs in the family, plus recipes not just for the expected drinks, but for amaro-spiked desserts, and even recipes for making your own homemade aperitifs.Buy Now

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