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If you’re pondering some last minute Father’s Day dinner ideas, lobster could be the perfect thing. Especially if you live close enough to the sea to get fresh, live lobsters, it’s always a hit and fun to eat — plus you can do lobster on the grill (in fact, that’s one of our favorite ways to cook lobster). Lucky for you we’ve covered lobsters from claw to tail (and beyond), so here are some of the best tips, tricks, hacks, and recipes for Lobster. On Father’s Day, or any day.

Choosing a Lobster

In her piece How to Choose a Live Lobster, our Managing Editor Jen Wheeler maps out the process and little things to keep in mind like a lobsters activity, antenna length, and size. Oh yea, for more on lobster size check this piece out.

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Grilling It Up

how to grill lobster tail, shrimp, oysters, crab, and other shellfish


Because it’s summer and the grill beckons us daily, you should learn How to Grill Lobster Tails and Other Seafood in this comprehensive guide. Grilling is quick and easy and gives lobster a slightly different flavor than simply boiling it, plus you can do lobsters best buddies, corn and potatoes right on the grill too and save yourself on cleanup.

Rollin’ Into Summer (Lobster Rollin’, That Is)


Once you’ve got the meat cooked either on a grill or boiled you’ve got to make some decisions on how to serve it. A lobster roll is one of the classic preparations. It’s easy to assemble and truly one of the summer’s great pleasures if you ask me. Check out this piece all about lobster rolls.

Other popular ways of dishing out your Father’s Day lobster include Lobster Risotto, Baked Stuffed Lobster or a Lobster Salad if you’ve got health-minded group looking for something lighter.

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What to Serve With Lobster

Mexican Grilled Corn recipe with Cotija Cheese, Lime, and Cayenne


And as good as lobster is on its own. You still need something to serve it with. That’s why we’ve curated the Best Accompaniments to Serve with Steamed Lobster along with some of the most Interesting Sides for Summer Grilling and BBQ, many of which would go great with lobster.

How About Drinks

No Father’s Day lobster fest would be complete without some dandy drinks. It is Sunday after all so try these Low-Alcohol Session Cocktails or perhaps one of the many great new tasty Low Carb Beers on the market.

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