If you’re going to get Dad a cooking gadget for Father’s Day, consider making it this ThermoWorks Mk4 Thermapen thermometer at its limited-time sale price. A meat thermometer is one of the more important, yet underrated, tools for any home cook or pitmaster to have in their arsenal, but a poor quality thermometer, which gives inaccurate or inconsistent readings is essentially useless (for obvious reasons).

Right now, ThermoWorks is offering an exclusive and deep discount for Chowhound and CNET readers on its most popular and well-reviewed Mk4 model (the most we’ve ever seen it discounted outside of Black Friday), down 20 percent to just $79.20. Yes, please.

We absolutely adore the Mk4 for cooking brisket and other BBQ faves, but don’t just take our word for it. One verified purchaser, who claims to “cook over 225 chicken halves at one time 3 to 5 times per summer in a 12-foot long chicken cooker,” and calls the Mk4 a total “lifesaver” reducing any anxiety over whether the (many) birds were done or not.

ThermoWorks Mk4 Thermapen, $79.20 on ThermoWorks


With Super-Fast® Thermapen technology, Dad can take uber accurate internal temp readings on brisket, poultry, pork loin, steaks, and much more. Hold the device it in any direction and the display face will automatically rotate so you can read it in any position, up or down, and without cocking your head. High-tech, intuitive, fast and accurate, it even knows when it’s dark and turns a backlight on, making it easy to read outside dusk or in a dark oven. Just touch the sensor window with your finger and the display lights up. Leave the probe open and the Mk4 stays on while you use it but set it down, and sleep mode saves your battery power.Buy Now

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Header image courtesy of ThermoWorks

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