The Bangladeshi chow at Desi Biryani is hit or miss, most say, but one monster hit is its Mughlai paratha. This griddled, stuffed flatbread–made with vegetables or meat–comes out light, crisp, and fresh-tasting. It even surpasses the version at board favorite Spicy Mina, swears JulesNYC, who hastens to add that Spicy Mina is better at everything else.

Jim Leff says Desi Biryani has a better-than-average chef whose work is regrettably undermined by the service setup. “The problem with this place is the same as at all the other Bangladeshi restaurants in the area,” he observes. “They do a steam table without steam, where stuff sits all day at room temperature, and they nuke to rewarm.”

Desi Biryani [Jackson Heights]
formerly Grameen
75-18 37th Ave., between 75th and 76th Sts., Jackson Heights, Queens

Spicy Mina [Woodside]
64-23 Broadway, at 65th St., Woodside, Queens

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tasty dish to try at Desi Biryani in Jackson Heights

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