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Trader Joe’s is one of our favorite places to discover food. Sometimes it’s mashups like the Buffalo Style Hummus or reimaginations like the Outside-In Stuffed Gnocchi, and then other times it is plain and simple genius culinary invention like the Everything but the Bagel Seasoning which we sprinkle on, well, everything.

We’ve shared where and how Trader Joe’s sources much of their fun food products and even dished out some of the brand’s deep dark secrets courtesy of this employee turned whistleblower. But in the spirit of summer and healthy eating, we’re dropping a list of our favorite vegan foods at Trader Joe’s. Whether you’re a full blown level 12 vegan master or just flirting with a meatless Monday, these vegan-friendly TJ’s items will keep you smiling all week.

Matcha Almond Beverage, $7.95 on Amazon

Trader Joe's Matcha Almond Milk


Almond milk on its own can be kinda bland. It works in smoothies but doesn’t quite get it done on its own, according to me anyway. That’s why this matcha almond milk is so genius. All the protein of almond milk with a taste you actually want to drink. Turn your morning latte into a matcha almond latte in no time. Buy Now

Green Jackfruit in Brine (pack of 2), $13.72 on Amazon

Trader Joe's jackfruit in brine


Unless you’re a vegan living under a rock, surely you’ve heard of jackfruit. The fibrous and meaty tropically grown fruit is used as a satiating meat replacement for tacos, stews, and much more. Raw jackfruit itself is not found often in grocery stores but this processed (not in a bad way) brined jackfruit is ready to use in your next recipe.Buy Now

The I Love Trader Joe's Vegetarian Cookbook, $9.99 on Amazon

150 Delicious and Healthy Recipes Using Foods from the World's Greatest Grocery Store
Buy Now

Miyokos Vegan Cream Cheese, $7.38 on Instacart

Miyokos vegan cream cheese


Cream cheese is another food that vegans in the dark ages simply had to go without. That’s no longer the case thanks to some mind-boggling advancements in vegan substitutery. Miyokos, which is sold at all Trader Joe’s locations, is a personal favorite and while nothing is as good as the real thing, Miyoko’s vegan cream cheese, made with cashew and coconut, comes close. It works well in recipes that call for cream cheese, too!Buy Now

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Vegan Marshmallows, $12.05 on Amazon

Trader Joe's vegan marshmallows


It’s almost s’mores season and if you’re planning a camping trip with vegan attendees, you’d be wise to get your hands on a pack or two of these vegan marshmallows (and some vegan chocolate, of course).Buy Now

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Thai Lime and Chili Almonds, $12.24 on Amazon

Trader Joe's chili lime almonds


If you’re anything like me, nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts) are your go-to snack to power through that 4 p.m. peckishness. The only problem is they can be redundant. But sprinkling in some zesty flavored nuts, like these Thai chili lime almonds, is a surefire way to beat your nut boredom.Buy Now

Vegan Brownie Crisps (pack of 2), $10.11 on Amazon

Trader Joe's vegan brownie crisps


Getting the right texture for a vegan baked good can be tricky but these clever spins on the brownie are crispy, kinda like a Tate’s cookie. They’re fully snackable, and a great, easy, no-hassle dessert to put out at a barbecue or take to the beach this summer.Buy Now

Green Dragon Hot Sauce (pack of 2), $25 on Amazon

Trader Joe's green dragon hot sauce


This is one of those Trader Joe’s items gaining cult status. People swear by it with the loyalty and fervor of Sriracha stans and Cholula champions. The Green Dragon also happens to be a Vegan Dragon so you can spill this hot sauce on everything from a tofu scramble to a vegan burger.Buy Now

Soft-Baked Snickerdoodles, $8.53 on Amazon

Trader Joe's vegan gluten-free snickerdoodles


Any time we come across a vegan cookie we like, we can’t help but share it with the world. These snickerdoodles have lots of cinnamon-y goodness but no dairy, wheat, or nuts.Buy Now

Vegan Banana Bread

Trader Joe's vegan banana bread

Trader Joe’s

Anyone who has had BAD vegan cakes or bread will be very pleasantly surprised if they can get their hands on TJ’s version of banana bread. Packed with crunchy walnuts and moist as all get out, it may not earn you a summer bod but it’ll help keep your vegan streak intact without sacrificing taste.

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