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It’s just about Kentucky Derby time. That one exhilarating Saturday in May when we all pretend to know anything about horse racing, rock our most lavish hat or brightly colored tweed suits, and drink LOTS of mint juleps.

Drink Em' Early & OftenMint Julep RecipeThe signature cocktail for the annual “Run for the Roses” features Kentucky bourbon (of course) and fresh spearmint muddled with sugar, all served over crushed ice. For a Derby bash, nothing else will do, and as much as you perfect your mint julep recipe, you won’t get a lick of praise unless it’s served in a proper julep cup! You’ve probably seen them before; shiny silver or pewter cups with a tuft of mint sticking out, gradation toward the top, and beaded rim and/or base. That unique design has a purpose, and mint juleps are meant to be held by those beaded rims to mitigate any transfer of heat from the hand, allowing a picture-perfect frost to develop on the side of the cocktail.

Don’t’ have any? Don’t panic. There’s still time to order some chic (and Derby-approved) mint julep cups. Here we’ve compiled a few of our favorite julep glasses to consider for your upcoming race day soiree.

Hammered Silver Julep Cup, $16.78 on Amazon

hammered silver mint julep cup


Your dapper guests will swoon over this hammered stainless steel julep cup, complete with beaded ridge rims to hold it (remember our lesson!).Buy Now

Official Souvenir Glass, 4 for $25 on Amazon

official 2019 Kentucky Derby glass


Every year the Kentucky Derby releases an official julep cup and this is it for the 145th running. This hard plastic cup with Derby logo is what thousands of cocktails on race day at Churchill Downs will be served in, and though it may not fit the traditional specs of a julep cup, if you’re a collector or want to pretend you’re there, this is the one for you.Buy Now

Silver Plated Julep Cup, $15.79 on Amazon

silver plated julep cup


A classic silver julep cup is always appropriate, and easy-to-clean elegance sums up this gorgeous mint julep vessel.Buy Now

Opal Portable Ice Nugget Maker, $474.99 on Amazon

Take your juleps to the next level!
Buy Now

Etched Copper Julep Cup, $19.95 on Amazon

etched copper mitn julep cup


If you’re going for an extra-springy vibe for your Kentucky Derby party—and why wouldn’t you be?— this copper julep cup with engraved florals has your name written all over it, and stands out in a sea of silver.Buy Now

Crystal Mint Julep Cup, $10.59 on Amazon


This crystal julep cup leaves nothing to the imagination. If you’re building beautiful cocktails with bushels of fresh mint and that iconic shaved ice, this cup will show it all off in spades. Tres chic!Buy Now

Mint Julep Essentials Kit, $74.95 on Amazon


Starting from scratch? Maybe you need the whole kit and kaboodle. This set includes two traditional julep cups, a recipe card, wooden muddler, and handy Lewis bag. Everything you need for your first go at the Kentucky Derby staple.Buy Now

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