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A kitchen gadget that accomplishes one thing infinitely well is often our desert-island, can’t-live-without-it tool we obsess over. Basically, we’re human and humans love tools. You know what else non-vegan humans love? Egg consumption. Naturally, there is a big overlap between helpful—and admittedly kind of weird—gadgets and chicken eggs. Eggs symbolize the circle of life, so it’s fitting that they bring a lot of frustration in the kitchen, as we work to boil them for the exact right amount of time, peel them without pitting them, poach them into puffs, and cut them into wedges and slices. There’s an egg gadget for every one of those situations and others, and don’t you know it, Amazon stocks these doodads in abundance. Below, the oddest single-use egg products on Amazon you’ll probably want right now.

TAKE 2 Germany Clack Egg Opener, $24.95 on Amazon


Figuring out just how long to boil your oeuf à la coque is merely the first step. You still have to get into the golden-gooped thing, and that can be messy. An egg cracker works with gravity to break a ring around the top of the egg, so you can easily scalp it off.Buy Now

Creative Home Marble Egg Cup, 4 for $18.45 on Amazon


Elevate your egg game, breakfasters. Every soft-boiled egg needs a pedestal anyway—why not one in seriously stunning white marble? Just add sea salt and arm yourself with a demitasse spoon.Buy Now

Chef Buddy Deviled Egg Trays with Snap-On Lids, 2 for $7.89 on Amazon


Your deviled eggs may be dyed pink in beet juice and mohawked with jalapeño slices, but it’s all for naught if you can’t deliver the dish to your friend’s fête. These flower-shaped caddies will take your stuffed eggs on the road—18 or 36 at a time.Buy Now

Best Utensils Stainless Steel Egg Slicer Wedger Cutter, $10.99 on Amazon


To get that restaurant-grade look in a classic chef salad, you’ll need to cut your hard-boiled egg into identical wedges. Eggs being slippery and malleable and crumbly on the inside, that’s easier said than done unless you’ve got this handy go-to device.Buy Now

Grania Egg Stripper, $19.99 on Amazon


Basically a martini shaker for hard-boiled eggs, this egg stripper will get you past the shell without all that painstaking peeling. Load in up to five eggs at once, rattle real good, and find your handful of hard-boiled eggs way more manageable.Buy Now

Ikea Egg Slicer, $4.40 on Amazon


Think of this as an egg guillotine that will give you perfectly sliced eggs. Also, the price is right (as is the color).Buy Now

Lodge Mini Cast Iron Skillet, 4 for $22.49 on Amazon


One by one, fry your eggs sunny side up in these personalized skillets. While you’re at it, throw down some trivets and serve the eggs from stovetop to tabletop in the same dish and add some hash browns for a memorable breakfast party.Buy Now

Vencer Egg Skelter/Dispenser Rack, $14.99 on Amazon


If you live in the United States and your eggs aren’t from the hen house on your farm (or the farmer’s market), then they probably have to be refrigerated. Still, this rollercoaster-esque rack gives good presentation on those mornings when you’re cooking with a lot of eggs in succession.Buy Now

OXO Good Grips Silicone Egg Poachers, 2 for $9.95 on Amazon


Having tried and failed to produce a Julia-Child-worthy poached egg, these yolk-colored silicone cups will literally channel your dreams into a cookbook picture-perfect reality.Buy Now

Dawhud Direct Stainless Steel Egg Separator, $8.99 on Amazon


How many egg yolks have slipped right through your fingers? This lifesaver device holds the yolk as the raw egg white drips down below in church-and-state-style separation.Buy Now

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