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Meal delivery services aren’t just for adults—there are lots of baby food delivery services too. And the imminent arrival of the newest royal baby had us wondering which ones are worthy of a little prince or princess.

People around the world (ourselves included) are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the royal baby, who should be born any day now to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The first-time parents have actually said they plan to keep the birth private, so for all we know, their little bundle of joy could have been born already.

We’ve been speculating about what meals the royal baby will eat, and while we don’t have a concrete answer, it will more than likely involve a lot of high-quality, fresh organic ingredients prepared by the family’s team of private chefs. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the luxury of an in-house culinary team (or the time to make homemade baby food), but the good news is that you can still feed your little ones the same caliber of meals. How? With the help of a baby food delivery service!

The following are seven of the top-rated, best baby food delivery services for babies and toddlers alike, all of which we think the royal children (not to mention busy parents!).would approve of.

Yumble Kids


If you want meals that are both healthy and fun, look no further than Yumble Kids. This food subscription company offers a variety of weekly meal plans for young children, including fun recipes like pizza pockets with mashed potatoes and broccoli or cheese rotini with green beans. What’s even better is that there’s no cooking necessary—just warm them up and you’re good to go.See It

Frequency & pricing: Starting at 6 meals per week at $5.99/meal, $35.95/first 2 weeks

Little Spoon

Little Spoonb

Little Spoon offers a wide variety of baby food specially designed to boost various areas of your little one’s health and development. After you answer a few questions about your baby, Little Spoon will create a customized nutrition plan for you and send weekly deliveries of food—simply choose how many meals you need per day. As an added bonus, its purees are made with organic ingredients and no preservatives.See It

Frequency & pricing: 3 plan sizes (1, 2, or 3 times per days), pricing dependent on location

The Boobie Box

Boobie Box

If you’re still breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it’s important to eat well and keep your body healthy—for you and your baby. The Boobie Box will help you do just that, as it provides a variety of helpful products to aid in your nursing. Each month, you’ll get a box specially curated by a lactation counselor, including items like lactation teas, drinks and cookies, breastfeeding supplies, and even toys for your little one.See It

Frequency & pricing: Starting at $25.50/month



Tykes not eating solid foods yet? Don’t worry, Yumi has you covered. This company offers three “stages” of baby foods, including single-ingredient purees, multi-ingredient purees, and chunky purees. You can work your way through the sequential stages with weekly deliveries, gradually introducing your little ones to new flavors and textures, like quinoa and chia seeds. Yumi is also releasing a new “Tot Box” for older children soon, and we can’t wait to see what it entails.See It

Frequency & pricing: 3 plan sizes (1, 2, or 3 times per day), starting around $5 per day

Once Upon a Farm

Once Upon a Farm

You might see a familiar face if you venture to the Once Upon a Farm website. That’s right—this baby food delivery company is run by actress and mother-of-three Jennifer Garner. The company delivers cold-pressed purees made from organic fruits and vegetables (like Magic Velvet Mango and Baby Bear Butternut Squash), and it offers products for toddlers and young children, too. Plus, you can even purchase Once Upon a Farm products individually to see if your little ones like it before committing to a subscription.See It

Frequency & pricing: Starting at $2.69/cup or pouch and free shipping for subscription-based services; $2.99/cup or pouch plus $12/shipping for one-time purchases

Nurture Life

Nurture Life

Whether you need meals for your baby, toddler, or child, Nurture Life has you covered. This company focuses on delivering nutritionally balanced, perfectly portioned meals for children of all ages, and all of its meals are ready to serve in three minutes or less. Food is shipped refrigerated—not frozen—and, to be honest, it might be the closest thing you can get to a personal chef.See It

Frequency & pricing: Starting at 8 jars at $35 per week, plus shipping

Tiny Organics

Tiny Organics

Expose your little ones to new tastes, textures, and smells with food from Tiny Organics. This company supplies a variety of soft, organic finger foods that are perfect for babies eight months and older, and you can choose to get deliveries every two or four weeks. Tiny Organics promotes self-feeding as a way to make mealtimes more enjoyable and help your babies develop fine motor skills, and the food looks so tasty, you might be tempted to steal a bite.See It

Frequency & pricing: Starting at $3.52 to $4.12/meal for a subscription-based service (one-time purchasing also permitted)

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