baby burrito blanket (tortilla print baby blanket)
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Dressing babies up like food is nothing new, and it’s never NOT adorable. But this tortilla blanket that lets you swaddle your little one into a baby burrito may be peak cute.

The internet was just going wild over adult-size tortilla blankets on National Burrito Day (as was only right and good), but it’s a cardinal rule that almost anything is more appealing when miniaturized, so this baby tortilla blanket is especially squee-inducing, even if you don’t have a kid. In that case, just buy one anyway and hold on to it, whether for your future self, your cat/small dog, or your next friend or relative to have a baby shower. (Although, with this going viral, we predict many prospective parents in 2019 will end up getting multiples of these as gifts. But hey, babies are notoriously messy, so it’ll be good to have back-ups!)

Tortilla Baby, $48 on Uncommon Goods

This baby burrito blanket and matching hat? The whole enchilada. (Baby not included.)
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The Tortilla Baby blanket is available from Uncommon Goods for $48—you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s backordered, but they expect to ship by April 23. Handmade in Brooklyn, the tortilla-print blanket is ultra-soft and stretchy but plenty breathable to keep your baby comfy as well as cute enough to eat right up. It also comes with a matching cap, and is meant for babies from newborn to four months old. It is—naturally—machine-washable.

Fisher Price Taco Tuesday Gift Set, $7.69 on Amazon

May as well throw in this adorable taco toy set. After all, what's a burrito without guac?
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Honestly, the only surprising thing about this is that it took so long to be invented, or at least to come to prominence. A popular baby swaddling method is called the burrito roll (and the resulting swaddled tots affectionately referred to as baby burritos), and Lord knows we’ve all encountered actual burritos approximately the size of human babies. This was destiny. So buy this baby burrito blanket and bring joy to all who behold it.

If you want your own grown-up burrito blanket, you can still buy adult-size tortilla blankets too. Your Sunday night Netflix snuggles just got so much better—and your food-themed Halloween costume? Way easier!

Vesaints 59-Inch Burrito Blanket, $41.62 on Etsy

Don't let babies have all the fun! Grab your own adult-size tortilla blanket.
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Corn Tortilla 60-Inch Round Microfiber Beach Towel, $55.98 at Walmart

Or perhaps you'd prefer a terrycloth-lined tortilla-print beach towel?
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Header image courtesy of Uncommon Goods.

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