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It only happens twice a year and chef boy-are-we-excited when it does! Sur la Table’s biannual cookware sale is on NOW and it goes through Sunday, April 15—so you’re not too late to score some hefty markdowns on one of the best cookware sales in the category, including many of Sur la Table’s top-selling brands like All-Clad, Staub, Le Creuset, Mauviel, and more. 

Be it a jump start on holiday shopping, Mother’s DayFather’s Day or to absolutely treat your own dang self, this elegant cookware is made to last, even if the deals don’t. From stunning saucepans to decadent Dutch ovens, we combed through the nearly 300 cookware sale items – some marked down as much as 60 percent! – to bring you our very favorite.

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Happy shopping (and cooking)!

GreenPan Diamond + Evershine 10-Piece Set, $499.96 (was $679.95)

Sur la Table

Go big or go home. This 10-piece stainless steel cooking set has just about all the cookware you’d need. From saucepans to skillets, saute pan and stockpot, this diamond-coated, Thermalon non-stick cookware is built to last and marked down a whopping $180!Buy Now

Staub Rustic Mini Cocottes, Set of 3, $59.95 (was $79.95)

Sur la Table

If you long to be the type of person who throws dinner parties with individual Coq au Vins or French Onion soups, now is your chance—well, to at least secure the right cookware. These ADORABLE mini cocottes come in a few vibrant colors, and hey, if your Julia Child fantasy flames out, you can always serve ranch or ketchup in them.Buy Now

All-Clad HA1 Nonstick Skillets, Set of 3, $119.96 (was $189.95)

Sur la Table

If your skillets are starting to look like a Jackson Pollack from all the scary wear and tear, this might be a good time to nab a good set. All-Clad is known for great quality with even heat distribution and long-lasting materials. Pick up this set and save upwards of $70!Buy Now

Staub Perfect Pan, $149.96 – $179.96 (was $239.95 – $249.95)

Sur la Table

How many times have you jerry-rigged a pan to drain some of the excess oil or broth out without removing the actual thing you’re cooking? Too many to count? The Staub Perfect Pan, for roasting, searing, braising or sauteeing, comes with a custom strainer so you’ll never have to clean up an unwanted coconut oil spill ever again.Buy Now

Le Creuset Bistro Grill, $99.96 (was $159.95)

Sur la Table

When you simply can not wait for June to have steak, chicken, fish, and veggies with beautiful grill marks, then you’re a pitch perfect candidate for this Le Creuset Bistro Grille, marked down $60 during the 2-day super sale. Works with any heat source and delivers perfect distribution for evenly cooked food every time.Buy Now

Staub Tomato Cocotte, $199.96 – $229.96 (was $294.95 – $304.95)

Sur la Table

Looking to add a little of that ooh-ah-ah sensation to your kitchen collection? Both whimsical and elegant, this large heirloom tomato-shaped cocotte can be used for braising or serving any number of dishes, up to and including tomato soup!Buy Now

Demeyere Industry5 Roasting Pan, $159.96 (was: $299.95)

Sur la Table

Looking for that Martha Stewart meets Norman Rockwell aesthetic for your next turkey or oven roasted chicken? A stunning roasting tray from Demeyere is just the thing, and with a discount of $140 during the cookware sale how could you possibly say no?Buy Now

Emile Henry Flame Tagine, $129.96 (was $170.95)

Sur la Table

We wrote about tandoor earlier this year but the tagine is its slightly more practical Indian cookware cousin. The ancient vessels have a knack for intensifying flavors and keeping moisture from escaping for tasty stews, curries, meats, and more. It also doubles as a super unique serving platter once the food is done. Take $50 off the Emily Henry Flame tagine and impress dinner guests.Buy Now

Stoneware Bakers with Lids, Set of 3, $39.95 (was $60.00)

Sur la Table

Innumerable uses for these stoneware bakers. Oven-safe for all your casseroles, baked pasta, and all the many #Thanksgiving sides. And with sealable lids, you can snatch up your wares and bring them wherever they need to go!Buy Now

All-Clad Cast-Aluminum Nonstick Dutch Oven, $79.96 (was $159.95)

Sur la Table

You don’t have to be Dutch to appreciate this Dutch oven (or an amazing deal). At half off (!) the original price, this All-Clad will change the way you approach braising, roasting, and stewing. Sit back and enjoy while the domed lid locks in all the heat and flavor.Buy Now

Scanpan Evolution Saucepan with Lid, $63.96 (was $119.95)

Sur la Table

Cook or pour? Get you a saucepan that can do both. The Evolution from Scanpan may look like an ordinary saucepan but when it’s time to transfer that Sunday gravy into a serving dish, you’ll thank us (and Scanpan, I guess) for the ultra convenient spout. Warning: upon purchase of this item your other saucepans may experience jealousy from chronic non-use.Buy Now

Mauviel M’150c2 5-Piece Set, $599.96 (was $901.95)

Sur la Table

We know, we know. $600 seems like a lot of pay for 3 pieces of cookware. But consider two things this handmade French copper cookware are both lauded by world-class chefs and stunningly beautiful—I mean, cover of Better Homes & Gardens beautiful. Be the envy of every other cook who walks into your kitchen and save 300 smackers you’re at it.Buy Now

Mauviel M’héritage 150b Roasting Pan, $269.96 (was $339.95)

Sur la Table

Speaking of deep savings on Mauviel’s picture perfect copper cookware, this M’héritage roasting pan is down nearly $70. Just imagine pulling this out of the oven for the first time while Wendy from next door grinds her teeth in envy!Buy Now

Demeyere Stainless Steel Flat-Bottom Wok, $195.96 (was $245.00)

Sur la Table

It took me way longer than it should have to spring for a wok considering how much stir fry I make. There really just isn’t anything like it for comfortably, evenly, and quickly sauteing meats and vegetables. This lovely stainless steel number from Demeyere is down $50 during the cookware sale!Buy Now

Le Creuset Stainless Steel Shallow Casserole, $171.96 (was $214.95)

Sur la Table

There is something about the look of this stainless steel casserole dish that I die for. A classic look with a modern finish and as good as it is in the oven, this beauty from Le Creuset is perfectly suited for the stovetop to simmer soups and stews.Buy Now

GreenPan Diamond + Evershine 12″ Skillet with Lid, $99.96 (was $144.95)

Sur la Table

100 percent pure ceramic, non-stick, this versatile skillet is down nearly $50 during Sur la Table’s cookware sale. A great deal for a pan, and from scrambling eggs to frying meatballs, you’ll probably use as much as anything in your kitchen.Buy Now

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All featured products are curated independently by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. For more great hand-picked products, check out the Chowhound Shop.

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