Among topics of socially acceptable dinner conversation, flavored water can spark some of the most heated debates. If you’re reading this, you’ve probably participated in at least one of these debates before. You might have a team-Pamplemousse-LaCroix friend who thinks Key Lime LaCroix tastes like hand soap. Maybe you’re a die-hard San Pellegrino fan who just can’t with coconut. To qualify for this very important poll, beverages must be zero calories and have no added sugar.

So, in the name of saving your friendships, relationships and first dates from this day forth, we’ve given you all the opportunity to vote for the best flavored waters in all the land. In two weeks, we’ll collect the data and present the top 50 most popular flavors for posterity. Click the up and down arrows by each item to let your voice by heard.

Then, share it with your most hydrated friends.

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