BBQ Man Café, while not wonderful, has improved since it opened. Now it’s a totally reasonable option for getting a barbecue fix, says David Sloo. Pulled pork, however, is moist and exceptionally tender–clearly slow-cooked with gobs of attention. Brisket is also tender and makes an excellent sandwich–it’s probably the best thing there. Pork ribs are dull–not dry, but not anything special. Skip the boring coleslaw and go for the tasty, satisfying beans–whole, rich-maroon kidney beans cooked with fresh red pepper. And watch out for the sauce. If you don’t ask for it on the side, they’ll pour a whole lake of the sweet, mildly spicy, utterly undistinguished barbecue sauce over your meat.

BBQ Man Café [Peninsula]
555 Willow Road, Menlo Park

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BBQ Man Cafe in Menlo Park.

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