Merry Berry Cocktail
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I’ve always been a firm believer that, when it comes to your significant other, experiences count as gifts. Tickets to a show or a sporting event make great gifts because it’s something you two can do together to make memories. It’s important to try new things together as a couple, and what better time than Valentine’s Day? If you two enjoy going out for a drink or two, you could plan to play bartender this Valentine’s Day by making these complex cocktails together. Each of you would be responsible for making your part of the drink and, when you’re done, you can share a delicious cocktail you made as a couple. Enjoy!

Burning History Cocktail

Smoking cocktail

Best of Las Vegas

With citrus flavors and egg whites, this cocktail is definitely complex; it’s not the easiest drink to make. I mean, one step is properly smoking the glass so that your drink has an authentic smoky flavor. Between all the careful measuring of ingredients and the smoking technique, it’s best to make this drink (via as a team. Get the Burning History Cocktail recipe.

How to split the work: One of you can assemble the actual ingredients of the drink and mix those together, while the other one can focus on smoking the glass.

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Endless Summer Cocktail

Endless Summer Cocktail

The Kentucky Gent

While this drink (via doesn’t take long to make, it has an extra step that would fly by if two of you split the work. With strong hints of lavender, it’s just like drinking a tall glass of summer. Get the Endless Summer Cocktail recipe

How to split the work: One of you should get the vodka and lemon juice together while the other makes the homemade lavender syrup. Then the two of you can combine your ingredients, strain, and enjoy.

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Fruity Gin and Tonic

gin and tonic

Love and Olive Oil

Gin and tonic is a classic drink; maybe you two love to make them to share after a particularly stressful day. This recipe (via provides a simple but fun twist on the classic G&T. Get creative and add slices of your favorite fruit for a sweet and flavorful addition. The recipe suggests grapefruit and strawberry, but I’d personally love lemon slices. Get the Fruity Gin and Tonic recipe.

How to split the work: Whichever one of you makes the better gin and tonic should be in charge of that part. The other one can prepare the glasses, because presentation is key. Fill a stemless wine glass with ice cubes, slice up the fruit, and add the slices along the sides. You’ll have a tasty drink that looks beautiful too!

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Phoenix Cocktail

Phoenix Cocktail

The Flavor Bender

This is probably the coolest drink on the list. Made with shimmery gin and homemade lemon and elderflower syrup, this drink (via changes color and looks gorgeous. Also, by layering a bit of rum 151 on top, you can actually light this drink on fire. As you can probably guess, there are a lot of steps that go into perfecting this, but it’s so worth it. Get the Phoenix Cocktail recipe.

How to split the work: One of you should follow the recipe for the lemon and elderflower syrup while the other layers and assembles the drink. If you’re planning on setting your drink on fire, you two should definitely combine your brain power, follow the instructions, and practice all the necessary precautions.

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Aviation Cocktail

Aviation Cocktail

Stir and Strain

This drink (via is pretty and bittersweet. Flavors of lime, citrus, and cherry will complement a chocolatey Valentine’s Day dessert beautifully, and you two will feel like professional bartenders putting this all together. Get the Aviation Cocktail recipe.

How to split the work: Since there a lot of different ingredients going into this, one of you can handle preparing the right measurements of spirits, while the other can handle the bitters and other ingredients. Then pour together, mix and enjoy!

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Rose Lemon Spritzer

Rose Lemon Spritzer

Half Baked Harvest

It is Valentine’s Day, after all; what’s more fitting than a cocktail made from roses? Refreshing and light, this cocktail (via is perfect to sip on throughout your night together! With rose water and actual roses as garnish, you can’t say your S.O. never got you flowers. Get the Rose Lemon Spritzer recipe.

How to split the work: I can see making this with my boyfriend, and he’d totally suggest making the cocktail himself and letting me top it off with sparkling water and pick the best flowers for the garnish. Whichever of you is the most creative should definitely take a trip to the florist for garnish ideas while your S.O. makes the rest of the drink.

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Primavera Punch

Primavera Punch

Belle Isle Craft Spirits

This is the perfect cozy cocktail if you two are big tea drinkers. With its citrusy and floral flavors, this punch (via will remind you guys that spring is right around the corner. And, since it’s served in a huge bowl, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for a refill! Get the Primavera Punch recipe.

How to split the work: This one is pretty complicated. One of you will need to zest the lemons and muddle them into the bowl with sugar, while also juicing and slicing more for serving in the punch. The other one can make the tea and combine the rest of the ingredients when the bowl is ready.

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Coffee Old Fashioned

Coffee Old Fashioned

The Happy Foodie

Since the last cocktail was for couples who are tea drinkers, I had to include a cocktail for my coffee lovers out there! You may be skeptical about how well coffee pairs with flavors like orange and white chocolate, but don’t knock it till you try it. Sweet and bitter pair nicely for a great Old Fashioned (via to sip slowly while you enjoy your dessert. Get the Coffee Old Fashioned recipe.

How to split the work: One of you will have to make the cold brew coffee and grate white chocolate for garnish, while the other can combine the remaining ingredients for the drink.

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Chambord Margarita

Chambord Margarita

Ginger Wroot

I absolutely love Chambord. It’s delicious and its beautiful color is perfect for Valentine’s Day! The only thing I can imagine would make it better is a little bit of tequila. So try making this Chambord margarita (via this Valentine’s Day for a decorative, delicious, and unique treat. Get the Chambord Margarita recipe.

How to split the work: Making the margarita isn’t the hardest, so one of you should be able to handle that. The recipe mentions a special sugar, lime, and salt mixture for the rim of the glass, so while one of you is mixing the drink, the other can rim the glass for an extra flavorful kick.

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The Merry Berry Cocktail

Merry Berry Cocktail

She Keeps a Lovely Home

Keep the strawberries coming! This cocktail (via takes about 45 minutes to make, so it’s best to prepare it as a team! The result is a beautiful and delicious drink you won’t be able to put down. Get the The Merry Berry Cocktail recipe.

How to split the work: One of you can combine the spirits, juices, and garnish. The other will have to prepare the mixed berry puree that provides the fresh flavor of the drink.

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