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best brands of gluten-free pasta

A delectable plate of pasta with a rich Italian sauce is something that people used to feel they had to give up if they had celiac disease or other gluten sensitivity. However, that’s far from the truth today. You can find dozens of brands that make gluten-free pasta that you can easily buy online. In fact, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is best for you. Consider these best brands of gluten-free pasta that can even be an improvement on traditional pasta that’s made with wheat. If you can’t have gluten, you don’t have to miss out on the pleasure of incredible pasta any time you want it.

Banza Gluten-Free Chickpea Pasta, $3.49 at Thrive Market

Chickpeas are both delicious and nutritious, which may be why pasta made from them is now so in-demand. Banza chickpea pasta is a tasty option, and several varieties are available: angel hair, rigatoni, ziti (which can be baked just as well as regular ziti), penne, linguine, rotini, shells, and wheels, among others. The ingredients are so simple that you won’t have to guess at any complicated chemical terms you’ve never heard of; this pasta only contains chickpeas, tapioca, pea protein, and xanthan gum.See It

Annie’s Gluten-Free Vegan Mac and Cheese, 12 boxes for $29.88 on Amazon

Annie's gluten-free mac and cheese


If you still yearn for the occasional treat of boxed macaroni and cheese, the yummy comfort food of childhood, you don’t have to be denied the pleasure. A tasty gluten-free version from Annie’s is available online from shops like Vegan Essentials. Annie’s gluten-free mac and cheese is a rice pasta that is made without artificial flavors, synthetic colors, or preservatives. The only thing you need to add is your favorite plant-based milk, and it’s as easy to make as “regular” mac and cheese.See It

Lundberg Family Farms Gluten-Free Brown Rice Spaghetti, 6 boxes for $26.22 on Amazon

The rice spaghetti from Lundberg Family Farms has no gluten, cholesterol, dairy, or wheat. In fact, there is exactly one ingredient in the Lindberg Family Farms gluten-free brown rice spaghetti: organic brown rice flour. The company has been committed to making delectable foods while striving to respect and sustain the earth since 1937. In addition to the spaghetti, other gluten-free varieties such as penne pasta are available.See It

Barilla Gluten-Free Pasta, 3 boxes for $15 on Amazon

Barilla is one of the most recognized names in boxed pasta, and you can find it in many major grocery stores across the country. Now the company is making gluten-free pasta that is every bit as pleasing to the taste buds as its original offerings. It’s made with corn and rice, and Barilla makes its gluten-free pasta with no GMO ingredients. You can find Barilla spaghetti, penne, and even oven-ready lasagna pasta that’s certified gluten-free.See It

Ancient Harvest Gluten-Free Supergrain Pasta Shells, $7.15 on Amazon

Made from USDA organic corn and quinoa, Ancient Harvest gluten-free pasta shells are low in sugar and made from non-GMO ingredients. The plant-based pasta has the same taste and texture that traditional wheat-based pasta has. There are only two ingredients in the Ancient Harvest shells: organic corn flour and organic quinoa flour. In addition to the shells, Ancient Harvest’s full line of supergrain, gluten-free pastas include elbows, penne, rotini, spaghetti, linguini, garden pagodas, and veggie curls. Some of the varieties have a few more ingredients. For example, the Ancient Harvest garden pagodas are made with organic corn flour, organic quinoa flour, dried organic spinach, and dried organic beet or dried organic red bell pepper. They all keep things simple and healthy without compromising on taste.See It

King Soba Gluten-Free Buckwheat Pasta, 3 packs for $14.98 on Amazon

gluten-free soba noodles


High in protein and fiber, King Soba’s gluten-free buckwheat pasta is as nourishing as it is appetizing. With a chewier texture than most other buckwheat noodles on the market, King Soba’s buckwheat pasta has a similar consistency to rice noodles, and is always gluten-free, wheat-free, organic, and non-GMO. Their buckwheat pasta is also certified organic by the USDA, and it’s both kosher and vegan. Further cinching the deal of calling this a health food, it’s low-fat and sodium-free too.See It

Bialetti Pasta Pot with Strainer Lid, $29.99 on Amazon

No matter what kind of pasta you make, a pot with a built-in strainer makes draining it really easy.
See It

If you’re new to gluten-free foods, be sure to check out our Best Gluten-Free Beginner Hacks, and our in-depth Guide to Going Gluten-Free. And if you want to try to DIY, see How to Make Good Gluten-Free Pasta from Scratch.

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