Portion Problems

If you’re dining out at your average resto but don’t want a meal that would feed a family of nine, what do you do? Suck it up and either gorge or take home leftovers—unless you’ve recently had gastric-bypass surgery, in which case you just flash your “get-out-of-dinner-thin” card to receive a reasonable portion. As the Houston Chronicle reported last week, an increasing number of bariatric surgeons are issuing cards that allow the patient to order a half portion or a child-size entrée without being questioned or slapped with a split-plate charge. “Soon after surgery, bariatric patients can’t eat more than a cup of food per meal,” the Chron explains.

Shockingly, some restaurants reject the cards, even for these people for whom small portions are medically necessary. Perhaps they’re worried that size-zero models will start fraudulently using the cards …

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