Hundreds of products have been tested (we’re still not over that offensive salmon jerky from a few weeks ago), pounds to the waistline have been added, and we’re now well equipped to *officially* announce our Top 10 Friday Food Finds of 2018! From desserts and salty snacks to drinks and maple syrup, our list has something for everyone. These are the best of the best from the Taylor Strecker Show, earning unanimous approval during our biweekly taste-testing segments. Scroll down to check out what grocery items made the cut, including links to purchase them yourselves. Cheers to a happy 2019! May it be full of equally delicious eats and definitely not salmon jerky (again, still not over it).

Blue Bunny Mini Swirls (Mint Cookie Crunch)

Original Review: This may go down as one of our favorite frozen treats in taste-test history. At only 150 calories, the mini Drumstick-esque cones are delightfully complex and multi-layered, boasting rich ice cream, cookie crunchies, a chocolate shell, chocolate cone, and decadent fudge center. It was actually difficult to discuss them because we were so busy consuming them. Good on you, Blue Bunny. Good. On. You.

Whisps Cheese Crisps (Various Flavors)

Original Review: ALERT, ALERT. There is now a brand dedicated entirely to cheese crisps. We repeat: CHEESE CRISPS. These are not only low in carbs and high in protein, but effing delicious. Seriously. How can one mess up baked cheese intended to be eaten as crackers? The tomato basil flavor will remind you of pizza Combos (but in the best way possible), and we can’t wait to sample what else they have in store. Bring on the Lactaid, please.

Undercover Quinoa Crispy Quinoa Snack (Dark Chocolate) 

Original Review: Stop what you’re doing, discard that half-eaten apple, and run to your nearest grocery store. NOW! This is one of the best things we’ve sampled on the show. The crunch, the chocolate, the quinoa: It’s simply perfect. We’re actually kicking ourselves for not thinking of this snack idea sooner, because chocolate-covered superfoods are far more superior than puffed rice or corn flakes. Calling it early: Undercover Quinoa will make our list of the top 10 products from 2018.

Chuao Chocolate Bar (Potato Chip)

Original Review: Holy crap. As soon as the segment ended, this was the only thing we continued to eat and finish. There is nothing better than a good sweet and salty combo and these are worth the temporary break in diet. Chuao, a Venezuelan chocolatier, prides itself on developing innovative flavor profiles, so we can’t wait to get our hands on something else.

Moon Cheese (Various Flavors)

Original Review: You don’t have to be Neil Armstrong to enjoy these carb-free snacks. Taylor was bold enough to say that Moon Cheese was her all-time favorite product I’ve ever brought on the show. Quite the statement! While I’d have to agree that these are delicious, I’m a bigger fan of their Sriracha variety. 

Eat My Shortbread

Original Review: This was our favorite from the bunch today, but it’s pretty difficult to eff up a treat that’s predominantly butter and sugar. That being said, these are particularly moist and flavorful, and we love the clever name and packaging. I highly encourage readers to support small businesses like this one. Products are more innovative, of higher quality, and made with a not-so-secret ingredient: love.

Red Rock Deli (Red Curry Coconut)

Original Review: It’s no surprise that these have been dubbed as “Australia’s favorite potato chips.” In fact, we’re thinking they may stand a chance stateside due to their unique flavor offerings. This red curry coconut variety was almost like biting into a bowl of tom yum soup, which is always a good thing. No complaints here, other than wanting an even stronger flavor dusting, like one you’d find on a Dorito or Pringle.

Once Again Amoré Hazelnut Spread

Original Review: Watch your back, Nutella. There’s a chocolate hazelnut spread in Whole Foods town and it’s coming after your non-organic, basic self. While Once Again’s Amoré iteration may be runnier than its competitor, it has a brownie batter-esque consistency that makes it simply irresistible. My favorite way to eat this is directly out of the jar, in bed, with zero shame. Just let me live.

Runamok Maple Syrup (Jasmine Tea Infused)

Original Review: Your waffles and pancakes will be getting a major upgrade with this jasmine tea-infused organic maple syrup. Everything was on point, from the subtle floral flavor to the slightly runny consistency, and we were literally spooning it from the bottle (which looks like a bottle of whiskey). Pro tip: Use this in place of honey for your tea. You’re welcome.

Ocean Spray Pink Cranberry Juice

Original Review: I had the luxury of traveling to Massachusetts to check out one of Ocean Spray’s cranberry bogs and this new juice is legit. If you’re a fan of cranberry‘s flavor profile, but not a fan of its tartness, this special pink batch strikes a happy medium. Taylor and Rob raved about it, as well as the company’s decision to donate a part of their proceeds to breast cancer research. Vodka cranberries for a cause? I’ll drink to that.

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