Friendsgiving tips from influencers
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Influencers—they’re just like us. They’ve had Friendsgiving mishaps ranging from the prized turkey ending up in a mop bucket to pouring chocolate sauce all over their savory Thanksgiving dinner plate. But the good news is they were willing to share their mistakes so you can learn from them. You know the old saying: do what they say and not what they do, and you’ll fly through Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving with ease.

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Food Faith Fit

Gluten Free Stuffing

Food Faith Fitness

“My very first time that I made a turkey, I wanted to go ALL OUT and brine it the day before. However, being a newbie turkey maker, I didn’t know you would need a BIG stock pot to fit the bird and brine in. So, I had everything prepped and ready and I went to brine the turkey the day before and had nothing to put it in. Big WHOOPS! So, I had to get “creative” and brine it in a mop bucket. Don’t worry, I made sure I washed it out REAL good before! This Easy Gluten Free Stuffing recipe is the perfect complement to a well-brined turkey, and since it’s a remake of my grandma’s recipe it’s very special to me.”

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Last Ingredient

Roasted Delicata Squash Couscous

Last Ingredient

“I still tease a friend about the time she insisted that everything at Friendsgiving was served hot. The traffic jam at the oven was a total disaster with all the reheating. Potlucks should be fun and stress free, so make dishes that are good eaten at room temperature. Perfect timing at the table is pretty much an impossible feat. Save that for a restaurant where there are professionals. You can still have your squash. Just pair it with a few other ingredients like in this Roasted Delicata Squash Couscous recipe, which is a grain salad and side in one.”

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The Baker Mama

Garlic Thyme Turkey Gravy

The Baker Mama

“One Friendsgiving, I put the chocolate sauce for the cake I was serving for dessert in a gravy boat so it would be easy to pass around the table and drizzle over the cake when we were eating dessert. Somehow, the chocolate sauce ended up on the table during the main feast and one of my friends thought it was the gravy and drizzled it all over his plate of turkey, mashed potatoes, and dressing. He took one bite and quickly realized the mishap. We were all dying laughing and still tease him about it every year. I’ll never serve the chocolate sauce out of a gravy boat again. ;) This Garlic Thyme Turkey Gravy recipe is what he should have been pouring over his plate.”

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Eat Pray Gluten Free

Vegan Chocolate Tart

Pinch of Yum

“For my annual Friendsgiving we always end up with extra dessert—it doesn’t really matter who is assigned what, the sweet tooth always prevails. Before I got really into cooking, most pies and intricate desserts felt incredibly intimidating—so my flop is more of a confession. Store bought cookies—o m g. Guilty as charged. Fast forward to years later and one of my biggest passions is finding and testing recipes. I love to experiment with ingredients or flavors you wouldn’t imagine in a dish and show my loved ones how delicious these alternatives can be—with a gluten allergy, a girl’s got to get creative! May I introduce you to this Mind-Blowing Vegan Chocolate Pie recipe? The main ingredient? TOFU. What’s comical is that I don’t really care for tofu, yet this pie touches the depths of my soul with its chocolatey sea salt goodness.

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