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Hosting Friendsgiving? Apps are important—but not just the food kind. Let technology help you too. These are the best phone apps for pulling off a perfect Friendsgiving—or a traditional Thanksgiving for that matter.


Quickly and easily send and receive money directly from your bank account so nobody’s left shelling out big bucks for a family-style meal. If you don’t trust yourself to get back to your laptop, instantly send money from your phone and include some of those cute Thanksgiving emojis too.

Uber Eats

By far the best app for simplifying a big Friendsgiving if you don’t want to cook. You can even track your delivery in real-time as its on its way to your apartment.

Amazon Fresh Grocery Delivery

Or at least get your groceries delivered.
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If you’re the kind of person who says you’re going to just use the clock on the oven to guide you as you cook the turkey, the cranberry sauce, and the pumpkin pie, you know something is going to go awry. Use this app instead which essentially gives you a visual countdown for multiple tasks and makes the plate spinning that is cooking a Thanksgiving meal much easier.

Digital Kitchen Timers, 4 for $14.99 on Amazon

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You can import recipes from a website, or add your own. This app also lets you create a shopping list based on the meal that you’re creating so it’s perfect for outsourcing items to friends and family.


This is a fantastic app for figuring out how to share bills between friends when a number of people have made a contribution to the meal and it’s easy to make sure that everyone gets paid back. It’s also useful for post-Thanksgiving if you’re trying to share household expenses with a roommate or partner.

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Find My Friends

When your best friend says she’s on her way and will be there in fifteen minutes, this app is great for finding out if she’s actually just still sitting in her apartment in her pajamas and hasn’t even started getting ready yet. Find My Friends also lets you receive an alert based on location, so you can choose to get a notification when your pal gets off the subway and is almost to your apartment—time to pop the bubbly and start the party.

Heads Up!

Ellen DeGeneres’s much loved trivia game is a great activity for a group. Categories from animals to celebrities are available so that everyone will be able to chime in and it’s easy to play in teams as well.


Friendsgiving isn’t complete without the right playlist. Ask friends to contribute songs to a shared playlist and then you can relive the evening after the fun is over by listening to the custom soundtrack that you’ve created together.


Turn your Friendsgiving photos into thank you cards with personalized messages that you can quickly print and mail out before holiday mania starts.

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Some friends might live too far away to join. If so, use this app to start a group video chat—it lets you talk with up to eight people at the same time.

VonShef Parisian Cocktail Shaker, $29.99 on Amazon

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Ideal if you’re trying to watch the game but also are being asked to help with dinner in the kitchen.

Simple Habit

This meditation app is great if you need to just take a five minute break from meal prep. Listen to a short guided meditation that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and far less anxious about serving so many people.


There’s no better app for finding any entertaining inspiration—use Pinterest for creative ideas for serving food, cool crafts to make ahead of the event, and to marvel at the endless number of tablescapes that can be created using seasonal gourds.

How to Cook Everything

New York Times bestselling author and columnist Mark Bittman’s app has over 2000 recipes and lots of how-to illustrations that take the fear out of trying something new in the kitchen.

Instant Pot Duo Nova 3-Quart, $64.95 on Amazon

How to cook everything with minimal effort.
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Couch to 5K

After you’ve spent the day hanging out on the couch and enjoying all those carbs, get motivated with the Couch to 5K official training app. You can be ready for a 3.1 mile race in nine weeks. Plus, it only takes 30 minutes three times a week, so there’s no excuse not to give it a try.

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