What’s the difference between heavy cream and whipping cream? The major difference, says C. Hamster, is the fat content. The USDA requires that “heavy cream” contain at least 36% milk fat, whereas the product called “light whipping cream” must have between 30% and 36% milk fat. Another difference, say many hounds, is that products labeled “whipping cream” are much more likely than plain old “heavy cream” to contain additives like carageenan. lunchbox says it’s fine to substitute heavy cream and whipping cream for each other at will–it’s unlikely that a small variation in fat content will make much of a difference in your finished product.

One final bit of advice on buying all kinds of cream: ultrapasteurization damages the flavor and consistency of cream, so non-ultrapasteurized cream is preferable, if you can find it. Organic brands are usually a better bet than mass-market dairy brands, says FlavoursGal.

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Heavy Cream vs Whipping Cream?

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