What is Pinkberry? If you don’t know, you probably don’t live in or frequent L.A. or NYC, where the Korean-owned Pinkberry shops serving nonfat and barely sweetened frozen yogurts have created a cultural phenomenon. Searching “Pinkberry” on our sister site Chowhound’s L.A. board yields 96 results.

EastWest magazine just posted an article, titled “The Yogurt Heard Round the World,” that examines several aspects of the Pinkberry cult, from its purported health benefits (can the live cultures in yogurt survive the freezing process? A nutritionist says “yes”) to the astronomical prices (a large three-topping green tea flavor Pinkberry can set you back $9.95). EastWest also delves into the juicy details of the fierce competition between Pinkberry, relative newcomer Kiwiberri, and Korean dessert company Red Mango:

Rumors circulate in the Korean community of jilted CEO lovers, attempts to block trademarks, and a Pinkberry owner who paid a threatening visit to Kiwiberri.

Will Pinkberry fanaticism burn itself out, or will Korean-style frozen-yogurt stands blossom like Starbucks across the nation? I’m getting an ice cream headache just thinking about the fact that if I want to try it now, I’ll have to fly at least 1,000 miles to procure a cup.

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