On Tuesday the maker of Snickers said it would discontinue its latest ad, responding to complaints by gay-rights organizations that the commercial was homophobic. The ad, which first aired during the Super Bowl, depicts two auto mechanics “accidentally” kissing as they eat from opposite ends of a Snickers bar; they immediately feel the need to “do something manly,” which of course means each ripping out a handful of their own chest hair (or drinking motor oil, or bashing each other with wrenches, according to the alternate endings that were posted on the Snickers website until Tuesday).

OK, putting aside for a moment the clear gay-bashing overtones and heinous violence here, can we just talk about how much the candy bar looks like poop? The lighting is all wrong, people! That, combined with the images of ripped-out chest hair, makes me not want to eat anything at all (let alone a Snickers) for a long time. Totally the opposite of food porn.

Fast-food commercials in general seem to have been going in this unappetizing direction for a while now (at least since Carl’s Jr. began its “slobvertising” back in 2000). Perhaps it’s a reaction to all the gorgeous foodie photography in magazines and on TV and blogs these days—just like the recent wave of calorie-bomb burgers is a big eff-you to nutrition-conscious eaters.

Have you seen any totally nasty food ads lately?

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