Why should Amy Sedaris have all the fun? The actress/author/cupcake baker/cheeseball artiste (and yes, sister of Macy’s-elf-turned-bestseller David Sedaris, he of the whiny voice, New Yorker humor pieces, and house in France) has hit the big time with her entertaining guide to demented-kitsch theme parties, I Like You: The Art of Hospitality Under the Influence.

Now you can take a clue from Amy and make your own kooky krafts for fame and profit. Public TV station WYNC is holding an Amy Sedaris Craft Challenge in honor of Amy’s appearance on The Leonard Lopate Show on Friday, February 9.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to come up with the best interface between a set of stick-on googly eyes and an edible food product. A rapidly multiplying set of Flickr postings already reveals what the kindergartner favorites can do to a pot of baked beans, a bowl of flour, a plate of apple brown betty, a bundle of leeks, a broken fried egg, a plate of hamentaschen, numerous dumplings, and even a very disturbed-looking kitty molded out of cat food.

Winner gets a signed copy of I Like You and a fake cake made by Amy herself. Go crazy, kids!

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