We’ve seen our fair share of food-scented candles on the market. Fruit scents are classic candle staples, but beyond that Bath & Body Works even has an entire line of merchandise dedicated to avocados, kale, and Thai food! But A.1.’s latest product is the meatiest iteration of this trend we’ve seen yet.

The classic steak sauce brand has just introduced three scented candles themed around their line of condiments. The varieties include original meat, backyard BBQ, and classic burger. We have no idea what separates the smell of burgers from the scent of more generic meat, but we trust there is a distinction in the aroma to the most discerning noses. If you can detect it, please let us know!

Each candle is hand poured in the United States and will burn for anywhere between 50-70 hours. How exciting! Now the long-lasting aroma of grilled steak can linger in your bedroom, bathroom, and other places that traditionally lack the scent of barbecue char, forever and ever, well after the summer barbecue season is over.  The nine-ounce candles sell for about 15 bucks each.

Frankly we’re not sure why anyone would want their house to smell that meaty all the time, but it could make a great Father’s Day present for a carnivorous dad that already has every grill gadget on the market. Besides, you can only gift him a “World’s Best Cook” apron so many times after all.

While A.1. sauce has a history that goes back almost 200 years (the original sauce it’s based on was created in 1824!), it’s hard to fathom the company’s founders ever imagining this non-edible variation of its product. But hey, this is where we are! For those of us too lazy to cook, the future is candles. We’ll raise a flame to that!

Header image courtesy of A.1.

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