It’s Friday! You’ve made it! Time to let your hair down and stock up on a plethora of delicious snacks for the weekend. For this week’s Food Finds, it was a chip and frozen dessert extravaganza, complete with new versions of familiar favorites and brands we’ve never heard of. While we were unable to participate on this week’s segment of The Taylor Strecker Show, we’ve enlisted the trustworthy palates of Chowhound’s editorial team to give you the scoop on this summer’s newest treats. Scroll down to hear our thoughts.

Cape Cod Russet Chips
They’re back and better than ever. We don’t know what makes Cape Cod chips so perfect (The crunch? The salt to potato ratio? The grease?), but please never change. While these coveted russet chips are said to be more buttery and sweeter than the OGs (we’re not so sure about that last one), we just think they’re delicious. And extremely addictive. Somebody slice our hands off to prevent us from finishing a bag. Thanks in advance.
Lightly Salted Lay’s Potato Chips
These taste exactly…the…same…as Lay’s classic chips, which is both an amazing and horrible realization. It’s amazing because you get to enjoy the same flavor with half the amount of sodium. It’s horrible because it’s proof that we put entirely too much sodium in our food to begin with, hence America’s obesity epidemic. Can these just replace the classic flavor permanently? There really isn’t a difference other than a much healthier nutritional profile. And we still don’t know whether to celebrate or cry.
My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream (Strawberry)
If you’re that gal who piles her Pinkberry high with chewy mochi bits, this is the pint for you. My/Mo has deconstructed its famous mochi bites into a scoopable ice cream swirled with tiny mochi pieces. There is an amazing texture play going on with this one, paired perfectly with decadently creamy ice cream. That being said, we still prefer the wrapped originals…and slightly melted (a Friday Food Find favorite!).
Red Rock Deli Chips (Red Curry Coconut)
It’s no surprise that these have been dubbed as “Australia’s favorite potato chips.” In fact, we’re thinking they may stand a chance stateside due to their unique flavor offerings. This red curry coconut variety was almost like biting into a bowl of tom yum soup, which is always a good thing. No complaints here, other than wanting an even stronger flavor dusting, like one you’d find on a Dorito or Pringle.
Modern Pops (Tropical)
Meet your new favorite summer popsicle. Unlike sugar-laden ice pops with artificial flavors, these actually taste like fresh fruit. They also have a soft consistency that melts nicely on the tongue. Overall, we dig ’em.
Andean Dream Quinoa Cookies (Coconut)
We wanted to like these. We really did. While we applaud the company for creating a cookie that boasts a significantly healthier ingredient list than most competitors, there just isn’t much flavor. If you happen to have an aversion to super sweet indulgences, this may be a good snack for you. But if you’re a lover of desserts and want to put yourself into a deep sugar coma, these just won’t cut it.
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