USPS Frozen Treats scratch and sniff Forever stamps

To many, stamps—as in the little squares of paper you affix to packages and envelopes that are physically mailed—may seem almost archaic, but according to the United States Postal Service, 19 billion U.S. postage stamps were printed in 2017, so someone’s still buying them. They’re good to keep on hand for when you need to mail a Father’s Day or birthday card, at least. And stamp technology has continued to evolve, if slowly. First came self-adhesive stamps, freeing us from the necessity of tongue-to-stamp contact, and now this summer, tempting us to lick them anyway: scratch-and-sniff stamps! With cheerful pictures of seasonally appropriate ice pops on them, no less.

The watercolor illustrations are by Margaret Berg (also know as Magrikie), who has lots more fabulous food art on her Instagram:

However, the Postal Service hasn’t said exactly what the scent of these charming stamps will be. Presumably, something akin to the images depicted. So, a fragrant combo of freezer burn and damp wooden sticks, perhaps? Or a sweet bouquet of icy, artificial fruit that could be watermelon, could be cherry, could be raspberry, but could also just be called red?

USPS Frozen Treats Forever stamps (scratch and sniff)

United States Postal Service/Twitter

The big reveal will happen in Austin, Texas on June 20, but if you’re already salivating over the design (and the prospect of identifying the mystery fragrance for yourself), you can pre-order yours here. They’re Forever stamps, so they’ll always be equal in value to whatever the current First-Class Mail one-ounce stamp price is, which is especially helpful if you only send out mail a few times a year. And if any of your Christmas card recipients think it’s weird to use a summery stamp in winter, feel free to cut them from your list!

Or, invest in equally delicious—though very sadly unscented—Delicioso stamps, released last year:

USPS Delicioso Mexican food postage stamps

United States Postal Service/Facebook

They feature various Latin American, Mexican, and Caribbean foods like ceviche, tamales, and flan, illustrated by artist John Parra—look at the little puff of steam escaping the empanda! They’re Forever stamps as well, and can be purchased here.

There are also lovely Meyer lemon and strawberry stamps that would be ripe for the scratch-and-sniff treatment, although they’re small change stamps, so are unlikely to get that kind of love.

USPS fruit stamps

United States Postal Service

Still, here’s hoping the Postal Service releases even more scented stamps in future. And as for the next innovation, maybe they’ll get even more Willy Wonka on us and make flavored stamps a thing…

Header image courtesy of United States Postal Service.

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