The aunties have “retired” and there’s new blood in the kitchen at Samosa House. (Some of you may know Samosa House as the restaurant addition to Bharat Bazaar.) “What were formerly delicious samosas only available with a whisper and wink toward under the counter have actually now gotten even better–they are now literally made to order. Only in India or my own kitchen have I tasted samosas so fresh!” says aliris.

They serve great jackfruit, and occasionally, outstanding lily root, says westsidegal.

Meanwhile, Asian Kitchen has changed hands and is now Mayurama–still a South Asian restaurant.

Samosa House [West LA]
formerly Bharat Bazaar
11938 West Washington Blvd, Los Angeles

Mayurama [Culver City-ish]
formerly Asian Kitchen
10406 Venice Blvd., Culver City

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Samosa House serving up lily root
Asian Kitchen becomes Mayurma

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