A lot of restaurants serve a variety of meats, but Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, NC takes their menu a step further. And people seem to love it. So instead of complaining about the fly in your soup, you may end up ordering a spider on your plate!

For the past three years, in honor of “Exotic Meat Month,” the restaurant has been serving up tarantula burgers. The creepy, crawly dish is exactly as it sounds. It’s a burger topped with a literal arachnid all in one piece. The oven-toasted tarantula is also served whole with gruyere cheese and spicy chili sauce, in case that makes it more palatable for you (it doesn’t). In any case, if you like your plates served with eight legs, then this one is definitely for you.

Adventurous eaters can also take part in the tarantula burger challenge, in which raffle “winners” are pulled at random to eat the burger. If they complete it, they win a t-shirt with the restaurant’s logo and bragging rights previously limited to “Fear Factor” contestants. Enticing, right? You can read official rules on their website.

If tarantulas aren’t your thing, you can always pig out on elk, crickets, or even chocolate-covered insects as well (Got to have something for dessert, of course!)—all of which happily co-exist alongside boring old burgers and fries on the Bull City menu.

But before your gag reflex kicks in, just remember insects are a staple of many diets across the world. You may even end up eating buggy meatballs in IKEA one day too! Food critics have even hailed them as way more environmentally friendly sources of protein. So, as the saying goes, don’t knock them before you try them!

Header image courtesy of Bull City Burger.

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