If  you’ve ever wanted your entire house to smell like your favorite condiment, we’ve got some good news for you. Bath & Body Works is now selling a sriracha-scented candle. According to the official description on their website, the fragrance reeks of Thai Sriracha, crushed coriander, jalapeño pepper, and red chili. Now that’s a potent blend to burn in your bathroom.

It’s a far cry from the cucumber melon and juniper breeze days of our youth. In recent years, scents that are more savory or spice-based have definitely grown more prominent, especially when they’re dictated by the latest culinary trends. In addition to sriracha, Bath & Body Works also sells “Black Pepper Kale” candles, as well as scents inspired by avocado, almond, turmeric and tarragon. That’s a whole kitchen worth of smells!

If you’re looking to freshen up your house for spring this is certainly a delicious way to do it. Of course you could actually just cook, to infuse your home with these scents, but that requires a lot more effort than simply lighting three wicks.

People who’ve actually used the sriracha candles claim they smell as spicy as their scent suggests. However, we’ve got to wonder if using these candles would just make you very hungry? Wouldn’t you start to crave Thai food if your entire house smelled of peppers all the time? It could a also be a great way to fool guests that you prepared a huge meal, when in fact you just ordered take out. But other than practical joke purposes, we’re not sure of we’d get much use out them beyond novelty value. Especially when they cost nearly $25 bucks a pop. We’ll stick to microwaving leftovers if we really want the house to stink.

Header image courtesy of Bath & Body Works.

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