Kudzu, the fast-growing plant that’s the scourge of the countryside, has been a popular source of food in Japan for thousands of years. In America, it started out as a remedy for erosion as a ground cover. Now it covers just about anything that holds still.

Do your part to save America from Kudzu, by eating as much of it as you possibly can.

The cookbook Kudzu Cuisine, with such offerings as: Chicken Soup with Kudzu Sprouts, Kudzu Flower Fritters, Crystallized Kudzu Blossoms, Kudzu Blossom Spread, Kudzu Blossom Ice Cream, Kudzu Blossom Syrup, Kudzu Blossom Vinegar, and Curried Carrots with Kudzu Blossoms.

Here’s a beautiful jelly, using the blossoms.

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