Sun-dried tomatoes sold in bags are most often rehydrated in boiling water before using. You can use them right after rehydrating, or you can pack them in a jar, with some herbs and peppercorns if you like, and cover them with olive oil to store. They add a deep tomato flavor to foods, no matter what the season. They’re a great addition to omelettes and frittatas, pizza, pasta, salads, and tomato-based sauces. If you store them in oil, you can use the flavorful oil in these dishes, as well.

carswell uses them in pesto rosso, a chunky puree of equal amounts of sun-dried tomatoes and pitted black olives with fresh thyme and rosemary leaves, garlic, crushed chiles, and olive oil. He spreads it on toasted country bread, or cod before roasting, and uses it as a sauce for spaghetti with chopped parsley and grated Parmesan.

Chopped or julienned without being rehydrated, sun-dried tomatoes make a fine ingredient in quiches and risottos (they may soak up a bit of extra stock in risotto). adamclyde likes them chopped finely in pasta salads, and sasha1 eats high-quality sun-dried tomatoes out of the bag as you would dried fruit.

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