Taking a cue from Tesla, one craft brewery decided to launch its beer into space. However, Oregon’s BridgePort Brewing took a more DIY approach than Elon Musk. Without the use of any rockets, they launched one of their The Original IPAs 22 miles into the sky. At that height, the beer made it all the way into the stratosphere. We’re no astronomers, but that’s considered space, right?

So how did they pull it off? The magic and science of balloons! Before you start catapulting your own bottles of beer into the air from your own front lawn, you should know the brewery got official clearance from the FAA. They pulled off the stunt in the middle of the West Texas desert and there’s also video evidence of the whole ordeal. So if you’re impressed by alcohol that flies somewhere other than your mouth, this is the clip for you. Check it out below:

But what is even the point of launching beer—or anything that isn’t people—into outer space? Beyond being a trendy, tech-y way of garnering brand attention, that is. We’re not really sure, but BridgePort’s marketing department has a more metaphorical explanation behind their reasoning.

“The richness of the region’s hop fields inspired BridgePort and set the benchmark for the IPA style,” said Gregor Mina, director of marketing. “Hop boundaries were pushed way out and we felt it would be fun to send the brew that helped shape the category ‘way out there’ into space and mark another first for BridgePort IPA.”

It’s literally a high water mark for the craft brewery. In the meantime, Budweiser is still trying to become the first beer on Mars (no seriously, they are.). Though I’m pretty sure aliens have better taste in alcohol. Let’s just hope the company isn’t responsible for interplanetary warfare!

Header image courtesy of BridgePort Brew.

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