The Moutholucion is underway—a revolution of mouths spitting out their meals and refusing to open for food. It’s all in a hilarious new short film, by the makers of The Meatrix.

The latest from Free Range Studios features a band of activist mouths staging protests (the Million Mouth March), putting on press conferences, and demanding real food.

Here is their “Mouthifesto”:

• No trans fats

• No GMOs

• No chemical pesticides

• No artificial colors/flavors

Their chant: “If it isn’t real, spit out your meal.”

Thousands of mouths from around the world are joining them, standing up for good food, free of chemicals and intervention. As a militant Che Guevara–type mouth proclaims: “Viva la Moutholucion!”

You gotta check it out—maybe your mouth wants to join?

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