Oh, the Super Bowl Halftime Show. For some, it’s 15 minutes of tedium, a pointless interruption during the biggest game of the year. For others, it’s the only good reason the game exists (well, that and the commercials). Regardless of whether you’re celebrating halftime or lamenting it, you’re going to need some alcohol to power through the spectacle of it all.

Especially when Justin Timberlake takes the stage this year. He’s no stranger to the game—this is his third halftime appearance. But this time around,  the pop star is pedaling through a promotion cycle for his latest album, the confusing and muddled “Man of the Woods.” Based on the cover alone, this is the year where he pivots westward into lumberjack territory.

Like we said, you’re going to need a lot of beer come Sunday night. Though keeping with his newfound rustic persona, I’m sure Timberlake would prefer you fill a mason jar with moonshine and huddle up in your doomsday bunker. (Haven’t you heard, he’s got loads of “Supplies” (or should we say SUPLAYAYAYES!) to woo you during the apocalypse?) But whatever your drink of choice, fill it up tall and get ready to play along with our Super Bowl Halftime Show drinking game:

Take a drink if:

  • Jimmy Fallon introduces Justin to the stage, or there’s some cheesy pre-taped bit ahead of the performance.
  • He plays “SexyBack”
  • There’s a faux wardrobe malfunction or a bunch of risqué dance moves, as if to infer he brought “SexyBack”
  • He sings that stupid “Trolls” song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling”
  • Trolls actually show up and become the next Left Shark (We never thought we’d be waxing nostalgic for Katy Perry.)
  • He wears a dumb hat.
  • He covers Prince. (The game is being played in Minneapolis, after all.)
  • He professes his undying love for his wife, that girl from “7th Heaven” a.k.a. Jessica Biel.
  • Janet Jackson shows up (Take three swigs if this happens. Because, that’s not gonna happen. But it really should happen. #JusticeForJanet)
  • The other dudes from *NSYNC show up.
  • *NSYNC doesn’t show up but he sings one of their songs anyway.
  • Back-up dancers (or anyone at all) is wearing flannel (seriously, there is a song on the new album named “Flannel”?!)
  • Take an extra shot of whiskey if Chris Stapleton shows up to duet on “Say Something.” (Chris, you deserve SO much better!)
  • If he flies in like Lady Gaga did last year, or does any aerial stunts. If so have everyone in the room jump. The last person to do so takes an extra shot.

Of course, we said “Bye Bye Bye” to JT in 2018, but fear not—we’ve got your 2019 Super Bowl Halftime Drinking Game all sorted out.

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