Weekend nights on Central Ave, there’s an outdoor taco table that makes some of the best al pastor Dommy has ever tasted in her Eastside eating adventures.

Al pastor is cooked the way it should be, roasted on a spit that’s crowned with pineapple dripping its juices onto the meat. To really appreciate the smoky flavor, skip the salsa. Al pastor taco includes bits of braised onion and pineapple, anyway. Grab a whole braised onion, too. Tortillas are freshly made (though not by hand) on the spot–they’re wonderfully soft and have nice flavor.

Chorizo tacos are fantastic, adds Mr Taster–“super flavor that busted our tastebuds wide open.” But chicken tacos are dry, chewy, and bland.

There are also cemitas burritos and other kinds of meats.

The al pastor spit is always running, although it’s only outside on weekend (Fri-Sun) evenings. The stand itself is open every day.

Really good al pastor can be had farther afield (Whittier) at Chema’s Tacos, says mdpilam. Asada is delicious as well.

Taqueria La Fogata [Downtown]
2534 S. Central Ave., Los Angeles

Chema’s Tacos [Inland of LA]
11527 Whittier Blvd., Whittier

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