Most of us don’t rely on white powder to help us do our job, but food blogger and restaurant owner Haddock did at a recent wine festival. Wonder what the street price is for methocel.

A (presumably nonnarcotic) white powder, the methocel was meant to help mold the warm lamb’s-neck terrine that Haddock had planned to serve at the recent Zinfandel Festival in San Francisco. Problem was, it didn’t work.

Don’t you just hate it when the drugs let you down?

The methocel, which is supposed to gel when warm (as opposed to most gelling agents, which become firm only when cold), failed to set the terrine, leaving Haddock with 800 portions of ungelled warm lamb broth.

What did he do? Check out his blog, Knife’s Edge, to see how a pro deals with a last-minute crisis on a grand scale.

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